Samsung DualView 12MP Dual LCD Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom



What’s with the clown? Kinda startled me.


it better come with the clown. or i want my money back


As I was saying,…


I’d Gingrich this if I had the spare cash.


I got $.10 there are 5 of these!


anyone get the BEE OH SEE a couple days ago? It was my very first one =]


As long as it doesn’t come with the laughing woman mannequin head,…


Will this shoot RAW? no joke I will buy two if it can!


Ok, i’ll call you, and double my bet that there are more or less than 5


You should have plenty of spare cash not having to pay anymore senior campaign officials…


I have this camera (reconditioned from woot even) and I LOVE it. It’s had a few tiny glitches but nothing a reboot hasn’t fixed. Totally worth the money.


Either their specs are wrong, or they’ve provided the wrong product number. The TL205 is 10 megapixels, not 12.


cheapest price ever seen for this model


btw i say there were 10 of these


It shoots 720P video, but the description has it pegged at 640x480… Woot is like China… putting it’s worst foot forward.


Or… it’s been blessed by Woot. A blessing which is known to bump up the specs of any product. (Condoms… come with an added bonus)


oh yea, and i have yet to purchase something tonight…wish the external HD was 1 TB


The China we are in heavy debt to?


Would that be babies?

Hooray for babies!!