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Are these 2013 models?

There’s a whole lotta items in that sale. Can you narrow it down a bit? I can’t promise that I can find an answer but I’ll try.

on the SDS-P5101N does it come with the standard 60 feet all in one cables that carry video, audio and power? Thanks!

Just took a look at it. The wires are coiled so I didn’t measure them but there’s a lot of wire so I’m betting 60’ is a good guess. Cable carries power and video/audio.

Update: Buyer rolled it and made me help measure it. It’s 60’ for sure. Sigh.


I’m tempted by the inexpensive BRD player but I have been let down by Samsung players in the past. They all seem to develop a strong whine while the disk is playing after 2 to 3 months (maybe 25 to 30 movies). The previous ones I purchased had smart functionality, but I really don’t need that.

Just wondering if it is worth rolling the dice on whether these might have been returned and refurbished for the same reason I would have returned mine…

Will Woot be selling a Bluetooth compatible table mentioned in the description for the Samsung HW-FM55C ?

Smarty pants.


I got the Bluetooth speaker they listed (DA-FM61C) a few days ago and I love it.


It is balanced slightly more towards the low end without the bass boost on. Treble is still clear, however bass boost makes sound slightly muddy when enabled. The speaker has full sound and can easily fill a small room. Bluetooth music is via the AptX codec and sounds clear with incredibly rare minor hiccups.

If you have this in your lap at full volume it feels like the speaker is punching you

Battery life

I was playing it for 6 hours at medium volume and it didn’t even go below 75% battery (its power meter its just a led with 3 color settings). I can easily see this speaker lasting longer then the listed 12 hours. The speakers Woot has were refurbished in January, so they need a full charge before use.


The speaker has a large metal grill tthat wraps up to the top. The rest is made of high quality plastic with a brushed appearance. The speaker is quite thin for its sixe and as some heft. It creates an overall sleek look.


The speaker has a dedicated power jack because it requires 14 volts to charge (the speaker can not be changed via usb). The speaker also has a usb port capable of slowly charging your device (.5 amp output) while playing music. NFC pairing is easy and quick. The aux jack is a nice fallback for simple devices. The travel cover is useful for preventing junk from getting in the speaker grill, I fold it under the speaker when in use but it can be removed by sliding it on the bottom and then pulling. The kickstand has one position and is sturdy. The popout volume control can be used in or out and is nice in small spaces.


Packaging is protective but plain. The speaker comes with a power adapter, manual and refurb warranty. When I received the speaker it had 3 nearly invisible pieces of protective plastic on it, one on the back and one on each side. These are VERY hard to remove, finger nails are required, but they leave the speaker looking nice and clean. When removing the back plastic the back panel may pop off, do not panic, simply push on the edges and it will snap back into place. I found that the best way to remove the side pieces is to insert your fingernail into the groove and twist, then pick at where this pulls up the plastic.


A nice clear and punchy speaker at a great price, it makes traffic so much nicer and looks great while pumping out tunes hour after hour. Road trip tested, road trip approved.

Edit: Cleaned up post a little. Didn realise how long this is since I’m typing on a phone, sorry.

Just bought this TV on Woot, and it arrived with a 2-inch line of dead pixels. Last time I’m buying a TV from Woot!

Sorry for the problem. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Ugh, it’s so hard having a job. Amirite?

Thanks for the help. I was able to return the product with free return shipping.