Samsung Electronics

The YP-g70 (5" media player) comes with Android Gingerbread, but it looks like Android 4.0 (CM9 - ICS) is available for those technically inclined enough to flash that ROM. Caveats: The camera and Netflix don’t run. So, give them a little time to work on that.

Warning! The 5.1 surround sound is horrible: noisy fan, overheats and powers off. The piece of junk is still boxed up in the garage. :frowning: purchased same system new and went through three of them, sent in for repair twice in 1 year.
Had a 1 yr warranty and a few months after that expired, it started powering off again. They refused to stand by their product, even after I gave them it’s history and all the troubles I went through with it. Never again: Samsung has poor customer service and let me down.
Buy at your own risk!

I just want to point out how humorous I find a Samsung iPod dock.