Samsung Event

No snarky captions? No snappy descriptions? Is this the end?

Of course yesterday I ordered the Samsung NOTE 10.1 (2014). full price…It is important to know the differences,however, between this NOTE…and the 2014,which has some significant improvements, including ram,and usability of the pen. the Pro however seems like the newer version,and has high reviews.

Egads! We will remedy this as soon as someone wakes up in Seattle! – FYI, Quickshipelectronics’ eBay website has the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" refurbished tablets for $340 and free shipping.

Quickly, someone give me a reason to NOT buy that $129 1-year-old tablet.

My current tablet’s an original transformer with a fraying wire…and my current phone is a white Galaxy S5. I mean, my phone and tablet would MATCH if I got this! O_O

One year warranty instead of woots 90 day.

I think woot is more of an impulse buy site that relies on folks not shopping around.

Prices aren’t that great.

Recently bought the tab 3 8.0 used and paid more than this. Am enjoying it, so light, works well.

I have this I got off woot 3 monnths ago! Lo ve it. This thing even spells for me. Really. It’s perfect for me. I like the size. Wouldn’t mind the bigger one but 100% happy. I’m sorta android ignorant but have managed quite well. Thanks.

But these are factory reconditioned. Isn’t that considered better than refurbed by a 3rd party? Just asking, I am not totally sure about that. Of course, a 1 year warranty of a refurb seems better than a 90 day factory recondition.

I bought the 129.00 for 99 last time and I love it!

O_O I am so sad that I missed that. I wouldn’t pay full price for this (I’d save for an nVidia Shield because that’s where my tastes lie) but for $129 I couldn’t pass this up. And, as I mentioned earlier, it will be a nearly perfect match for my Galaxy S5! :smiley:

In June I bought the 7" version of the Galaxy Tab 3, and I love it. If I didn’t have it I’d certainly buy the 8" version here, because I like lightweight smaller tablets. The 8" specs are a bit better: 5mp camera instead of 3mp, battery life 11hrs instead of 8, display res 1280x800 instead of 1024 x 600, storage 16gb vs 8gb, Jelly Bean version 4.2 vs 4.1, weight about the same. Seems like all that more than justifies the $30 difference in price (129.99 vs 99.99) for the 1" greater screen size. Still–am very happy with the 7" one and use it daily.

C’mmon Woot. Ship my tablet already. :-). I ordered it on the 1st and I’m getting anxious. Please don’t wait for day 8 of the 3-8 business days to ship…pretty please. :wink: