Samsung EVO Select 64GB MicroSDXC Card

Samsung EVO Select 64GB MicroSDXC Card

$10.99 on Amazon… Some of these ain’t so good of deals as they say
Edited because, as some pointed out, reading isn’t my strong suit

i’ve gotten a few of these from woot, it probably comes with the adapter

omg i just bought this a week ago😭

I bought it anyway ha. 20% off is still 20% off something I can use

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It says it comes with adapter

In the Box:

  • Samsung MB-ME64GA/AM EVO Select 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter

So you want to spend $2 more for the same thing on Amazon? Don’t do drugs kids.

This is also a U3 card which you rarely find at this price point. Very high performance write specs.

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Exactly. When you get into smaller dollar items, it’s harder to cut the price by a ton.

There was a steal on some shirts this morning

That hurt, dude.

literally a steal

Paid $30 or so for a 2-pack of SanDisk MicroSDXC 64gb cards from Costco around Black Friday, so this really seems to be a good deal.

I know I have extras already … so in for one. :smile_cat:

The C, U, and V are aimed at camcorder speeds. C10 is used in High Speed mode or faster, U1 and U3 are used in SDR50/DDR50 or faster, and V60 and V90 are used in UHS-II mode or faster. This seems to be a pretty good deal to me.

Need 2 for my camera would have to buy one separately I’m out

might be for sale again, sometimes things repeat on a wootoff, but its sold out now, so…