Samsung Fast Adaptive Travel Charger

How long is the cord? Thanks

It’s already cheaper on Amazon.

I’ll offer this, it does work. My S6 does charge faster using it, as opposed to a microUSB cable plugged into an Apple iPad charger or a generic mult-port charger (anker, etc).

But I prefer to charge it wirelessly. This Spigen unit does a fine job of it:

Not as fast as the wired connection, of course, but a lot more convenient most of the time.

Does this have enough oomph to charge a Samsung tablet? (Galaxy S2, 9.7")

According to most of the recent reviews, the one on Amazon seems to be fake / not really Samsung.

I’ve had very little luck ordering chargers from Amazon - I have done so maybe six or seven times and all of them were fake (aside from the actual Amazon-branded ones sold by Amazon, of course). The degree of success has been varying. The fake Verizon car chargers worked fine. The fake Apple lightning connector would only work from one side. The fake Apple charging brick worked for six months and then started overheating like crazy (as in it hurt to touch it).

In any event, Woot has the real thing, whereas the cheaper one from Amazon is most likely a knockoff.

Ok deal but shipping makes it just out of reach.

I use one these to charge my son’s Samsung 10" Tab 2 all the time. It charges it quicker than my multiport charger by far. Very happy with it.

They are counting that you go with the $5 ships everything you buy today and tomorrow from all the woot sites and woot off as the bargain.

Sure, if you bought this by itself ~50% the cost is high. If you are already getting some wine, a little of this a little of that…why not throw in a genuine Samsung fast charger for ~$12? Personally I use this charger daily and would buy a few if I didn’t already have 2.

Samsung now offers a Qi Wireless Fast Charger which charges the GS6 series smartphones in ~90 minutes. This is approximately 1.4 times faster than their older model standard Qi wireless charger. I will definitely be purchasing the Samsung wireless fast charger for my GS6 Edge+.

Will this work with the S3 and S4 phones?

This is the compatibility info we have:

Compatibility: Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) compatible devices
(Micro USB devices. Additional Fast Charge feature only available on Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 active, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5)