Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand - 2pk

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Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand - 2pk
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The fast charging comes from the cable, not the stand. Save your money or buy these and just use the cable.

The difference between the wireless standard charger and fast charger is the fast chargerhas a fan in it. When fast charging your device it makes it hotter and this charger keeps your device from overheating. The fan sound is very quiet and you can barely hear it. I have mine on my nightstand and I can’t hear it unless I completely focus on listening to it.

I purchased two of these in April of this year from Flash Steals for $19.99 each with $4.00 shipping. They did not come with a charger. They came with the cable which I attached to the charger I got with the phone. Also, Flash Steals did not charge sales tax which is NOT required in the state that I live in. Since Amazon bought Woot the prices haven’t been as competitive and they charge sales tax even though it is not required. I still buy from Woot, but I check the prices carefully and take into account that I’m going to pay 7.25% more because of the sales tax. By the way, the chargers do work well and charge faster then the standard charger.

Just to be clear, the fast charging comes from the wall wart, not the cable. They are two separate parts in the Samsung OEM version.

The reason I’m being so particular is because these OEM wireless charging pads are known to get finicky or stop working over time. This happened to me, and the cure for me (not for everyone, just for me and a handful of others) was to replace just the USB cable part. Very odd that a Samsung OEM part would be inferior, and in my case, very odd that I have been able to re-purpose that USB cable successfully to connect gadgets to my PC. It just stopped working successfully for its intended function.

Keep this in mind if yours ever stops working, it might be the cure. P.S. I love mine (in my usage situation). I’d buy another except I already have two.

The specs state this comes with two stands and two fast chargers. What…no cables??? Can someone verify that for me?

Do these actually come with the Cables, and if so, how long are the Cables? I hate products that cone with the 3 foot Cables. 3 foot Cables are almost worthless nowadays.

Hello. It’s BYOC - bring your own cable.

I bought these in April and they came with cables. Maybe I got lucky. Staff guy says BYOC, so I would count on that.

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