Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand - 2pk

Hey there wise wooters… before you post a price comp, pls note that we’re selling a TWO PACK!

Thank you!

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Is it compatible with the Galaxy S8?

Does it work with a Galaxy S7?

Yes, it is compatible with the Galaxy S7 and S8. I bought a pack on 5/21/2017.

The only complaint I have is the blue LED in the base is too bright for a bedroom.

I have heard that these chargers do not work on phones that are in cases. Anyone else have this issue?

My S7 is in a Spark case and it works just fine. Similarly, my wife’s Note 5 is in a case, and it works for her as well.

These work great, we have two at home with our samsungs 7s…place it and charge, and don"t think about it.

Sorry apple phones need not apply. Maybe when the iphone 12 is released.

I bought these last month as well for my S8.
I have a Spigen case and it works with these chargers; however, my case is very thin.

2 complaints I have with these chargers are the bright blue LED and fan noise when charging.
I’m going to put black out stickers over the LED light.

The fan noise is something I have to live with since wireless fast charging puts out heat, so the fan is needed.
Just kinda bugs me since I have the charger near my bed and the noise isn’t that bad, but I’m a light sleeper.

I got two of these last time - they work great. My Galaxy S8 Plus is in a Spigen case and it charges with no problem!

I have a couple of different STYLE cases for my S7 edge. It doesn’t charge if your case is metal. Or if a thick power pack/battery style case. Otherwise, my normal case that I use, it charges just fine. I have two different brand wireless chargers and they both work w/o any problems.

Won’t work on this case:

Will work on this case:

Whaaaaaat?!! This is an actual, legitimate decent deal on Woot??!! Where am I?! Did I just land back in 2007??

In for one before they realize their error!

My S8 Plus works through a case with no issues.

This one is less expensive and works like a champ for me!

Bought this the last time, works great I have an S8 with a hybrid spigen case, Yes this is a great deal. Note the LED is bright and when charging there is a slight (very slight) fan noise from the charger. Neither impacts my sleep and the charger sits on a night stand right next to my head. Great deal two for less than the price of 1 and they came in OEM packaging

So is this the older round one, or the newer oval one? It seems that both are pictured.

perspective, my friend, perspective.

I have an S7 in a Unicorn Beetle case and it charges. In my experience the phone also charges faster with the wire directly then sitting wireless.

I’ve had it for about a year and I hate the design. The bottom part where phone sits is too small and awkward. It always falls off if I don’t carefully place it down (Portrait). It sits a little better in landscape but the design and angle its at is just not to my preference at all.

Am I correct that it doesn’t include the cords or plugs? I have one fast charger I bought a while ago that works with any cable and plug, but will only FAST charge with Samsung Fast Charge ones.