Samsung Fast USB Car Charger w/2 Cables

My car won’t catch on fire will it? :wink:

most retarded thing, evaaarrr

ok so 1.67a output, 1 port, and shitty USB 1 ‘charge’ cables (unsheilded)

…for $13 +$5 ship?

outta ur god damned minds =D

funny advertising fail tho

The second cable is great in case the first one burst into flames?

You took my comment :-).

Damn. Samsung has produced the Pinto of the 2010s.

Other than only being 1 port, this actually is pretty decent. That 1.67 amp current is when fast charging only, which is at 9v instead of 5v like regular charging. This should put out 2 amps at 5 volts when connected to a non fast charge device (I think for Samsung, the S5 and Note 3 were the last of their respective lines without fast charging support).
This looks like the product on the Samsung site. The “About This Product” section sums some of this up but there’s no actual spec section unfortunately.