Samsung Fast USB Car Charger w/2 Cables

Found this on ebay. $6.99
NEW Original Samsung Galaxy Note 4 5 s6 s7 Adaptive FAST Rapid Car Charger&CABLE

[MOD: Ours has 2 cables.]

Hmmm, I wonder if these are the same ones listed on the mothership for $8.99 and getting horrible reviews, with talk of overheating, product failure and broken cables (perhaps this explains the extra cable).

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I got a couple of these. Charges fine for the first couple times, then the cable dies. Times two.

These cables explode.

Why include a second cable???

I agree with a poster above, reading negative reviews on it. Plus it’s Samsung :wink:

Only if they are apple

What do you do with 2 cables with a charger that only has one port?

And what is the output? It only mentions minimum input.

Output is 5V.