Samsung FRAME QLED 4K LS03 Series Smart TV

Samsung FRAME QLED 4K LS03 Series Smart TV

Hi Fellow Wooters, Wooties, Wootites,

I have seen this style of tv come up on Woot on a fairly regular basis and it seems to have gotten a decent Woot response.

I am wondering why does this come up so often - is there something “wrong” that people return them on a regular basis?

I am also curious to know if you can load your own pics/images on it to display

Any suggestion on what sort of price a 55" should run?

Thank you!

I am really considering buying this item. A few more questions:

(1) Is this a 2020 or 2021 version?
(2) Is there any sort of warranty?


Thank you!

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

I have a 65im Frame tv that I use for signage in my office. (Much cheaper than putting up traditional lettering.)

My guess as to why they are soany of these is people spend a lot for the aesthetic of the Frame. But for the money you could get a much better TV. You could probably get an Oled for this price.

I suspect people like the idea but are underwhelmed by the picture quality at the price. This is just a guess. I’m perfectly happy with mine, but my use case is different and I paid 1k for my 65in.

Just one opinion!

And yes you can upload your own pics. I uploaded our company logo to have signage as you enter the office. Works great!

@sourhead that is really cool, thank you.

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It is 75" 2020