Samsung FRAME QLED LS03 Series Smart TV

Samsung FRAME QLED LS03 Series Smart TV

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I’ve been thinking about getting one of these, but the 2021 models are due out in March. Debating whether it is worth waiting.


I got one of these for my folks for Christmas. It is a nice TV.

As is their wont, Samsung has provided an improvable interface and feature experience. For example, the art display functionality is cool but the settings and content limitations are pretty artificial and ridiculous.

The single thin line for all the power, video signal, etc is a neat idea but beware it has a large connector on it, so if you’re used to running HDMI, network, etc through the wall or a conduit or something it may not work.


Newbie here-- where do I find out what kind of warranty is on a (refurbished) item?

I have the 43” but the frame art sometimes does not come on it motion sensor is not all that

Be careful with the 32". The 32" does not have:
(1) Invisible cable; there’s only a standard gray cable that’s not in-wall rated (and Samsung doesn’t make an in-wall rated cable for the 32")
(2) Motion sensor (so won’t automatically turn on art mode)
(3) 4K
(4) Ethernet connect (wifi only)
(5) Antenna connection is on tv, not one connect box (so a potential second cable)

That may or may not suit your needs, but just be fully informed before you buy.


Same thoughts here, the 2021 is half the width, so is much thinner. But the price here is great.

90 days from woot. I think is it.

Just a heads up to I have the 43 inch I was able to pick it up as a Best Buy open box I had to drive an hour but I got it for under $400 which at that time I actually just put a $99.05 year warranty on it as well check the open box as you might find one


Any thoughts as to which size is the best deal?

Welcome. You’ll find our warranties listed at the bottom of the features.

This one is

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

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Hi whats the return policy on TV’s sold by WOOT?

Hi there. Here’s our return policy:

thanks- kinda a lot to sort thru there. Not sure if this is considered a bulky item or not. Can you just tell me what the return policy is for this specific TV (75in). Thanks.

You have a 30-day return period. A 75" TV ships freight so it would be considered bulky.

Sitting at 14 and just wanted to see flames.

LOL. Took me a minute to figure out what you meant. There you go.

Such a great idea for a TV, I wish more makers would make something similar.

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Well, I order a 50 inch TV on this deal and ended up receiving a banged up cardboard box filled with broken glass, lose screws, and a very damaged TV that definitely should not be plugged in. Here’s to hoping for a quick refund.

Oh crap. Send links to photos for faster service.