Samsung Galaxy 64GB S8/S8+(VZW&GSM)(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy 64GB S8/S8+(VZW&GSM)(S&D)

Do we know the condition of these or if they will for sure work with T-Mobile

These are Scratch & Dent:

These items are expected to have a moderate level of wear & tear including (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and dings. Outside of their physical appearance, they have been tested to be in full working condition.

T-Mobile is a GSM network so it will work with this phone. You will need to set the APN setting to your carrier when you receive the phone.

Tried and tried several times and finally got an order for one of these to go through, hooray! I kept getting denied at payment time and apparently finally selected the correct card with enough room? Not sure as the main I first tried still had 1K of room.

whats the difference between woot’s offering and ? I don’t see any discount whatsoever.

That’s for Verizon only. Ours is Verizon and GSM.