Samsung Galaxy A20 Dual-SIM Phone (GSM Unlocked)(New)

Samsung Galaxy A20 Dual-SIM Phone (GSM Unlocked)(New)


So this is a device for the India market? It doesn’t show up anywhere on the Samsung US website. But a google search and it shows up on the Samsung India website. :man_shrugging:

Hi there. They are phones from the international markets but unlocked for GSM.

Good luck getting Samsung to honor the one year warranty with it being a grey market phone.

They are launching a US version of A10, A20, and A50 tomorrow. Personally bought a South/Central America G7 Power from Woot and it works fine. But I’m not a phone power user and I don’t need gigabit internet or something. It gets texts slow, but I understand that’s the carrier’s (Mint) fault. I don’t know how the modified hardware will affect you if you need super fast internet or something.

Can we get the model number to check the bands used?

Hi there.

Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205