Samsung Galaxy A31 (GSM) (International Version) (Open Box)

Samsung Galaxy A31 (GSM) (International Version) (Open Box)

Another Dual SIM phone. Very handy for keeping two different phone lines (even on different networks) in your pocket.


One for your friends and one for your drug deals?

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Gotta keep the weed man on speed dial lol.

Actually, I use 2 phone lines so when I’m marketing a rental and my phone blows up with (mostly) unqualified applicants I can use the 2nd line and when the lease is signed I can safely just turn off the ringer for that line while removing the advertising of the unit.

My tenants get my regular number to call after their deposits are paid and the leases are signed.

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So if I have 2 lines with the same carrier could I put them both on the one phone?

Yes. The phone will show you which line you are using. SIM 1 or SIM 2

There’s actually a few other dual-sim phones for open box sale today

I used to just carry 2 phones but this is better.

By far!! Do you have a rec of the open box dual sims?

Usually if it says international, it will be a dual sim. Just check the specs.