Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Special Edition

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Special Edition

Hear flight annozments

“Annozments”? :joy:

Thanks for not sending it to arrive by Christmas even after posting with a picture and a big red banner “get it by Christmas” you send it ups ground instead of 2 day air as promised… worst customer service ever!

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Hi there. I’m sorry for the shipping issue. We’re working through some issues with Amazon fulfillment which have reached capacity and slowed down the shipment on some of our orders.

The order was shipped, it was the shipping speed that you assigned to the package is the problem. It even says sent with 2 day delivery speed on the email with the tracking number. However when you look at ups you sent it with ground not 2nd day air… multiple emails to customer service still going unanswered.

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Right. It got changed when our order reached Amazon. We’re working with Amazon to see what we can do. Everything was correct on our end.

Not sure if anyone else has this issue. Just emailed customer service about this but my package that came in today had no earphones or anything but the photocards and it looks like part of the packaging is missing. This was all I got in my package!

Ugh, sorry. Customer Service will help you.

Ordered Saturday, supposed to be delivered before Christmas, sent via UPS ground which shows scheduled for delivery on 1/4!!! Highly disappointed! I will never again order from Woot.

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Order page says it’s supposed to be here by 12/23 but it’s 12/22 night and my package still has yet to ship out…

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False advertising of Amazon Prime shipping. Says my package won’t come until Dec. 30 31…

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Any updates? Instead of 2 day Amazon Prime shipping (which was what was adversited)…y’all selected 2 WEEK shipping which I didn’t even know such slow shipping existed…

Here’s what happened. We sent the orders to the Amazon warehouses with the 2-day shipping info. At the Amazon end, it was changed to ground in most cases. We’ve been working with Amazon since Monday to figure out why this happened and what can be done.

At this time, I don’t have any further update. I’m really sorry for the poor experience here.

Well is there any way for Woot to ship another one with Amazon Prime shipping and we can return the slower one once we receive it? Like a previous customer said this was advertised to arrive before Christmas.

Also ordered, to arrive yesterday 12/23. Now saying 12/29. I miss the old Woot.

Hi there. Apologies for the miss on shipping. You should have an email from Woot Customer Service.

No email yet. Unless you meant the order confirmation email, which I got day of order.

Hi there. Yeah, I can see it wasn’t sent. I’ll check with CS. Sorry about this.

Hey there
Mine says that it was delivered but it’s no where to be found. Neighbors haven’t seen anything either. I just sent a message y’alls way before commenting but I saw a lot of folks having issues with this shipment…

Hi, so sorry to hear about the issue with delivery. Tracking says it was delivered on 12/22, but obviously you didn’t receive the package then. CS should be able to help you. Again, we’re sorry for the poor experience.