Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earbuds

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Are these international version since they only carry a 90 day warranty and they are brand new?


I have these and really like them. They are loud, and stay put when exercising. I was skeptical of the design, but they might be the best buds I’ve ever used. Some people complain that they don’t work as well as a sealed design, but I have no issues with hearing my TV while running on the treadmill.

You can also call Samsung to get a “sleeve” for these for free that will make the fit even tighter if needed. Another cool bonus – the case is Qi compatible so I just drop it on a charging pad to power up. :slight_smile:

Note that Samsung has been running a bunch of educational, employee and trade-in discounts on this model lately as well, so while this is a good price, you might do better over there. If you’re not in a hurry that may be move. I’ve seen them as low as $60 and $85 with some stacked discounts but you will need a qualifying email address to get that pricing.

Happy to answer questions about these if you have 'em.

How is the sound quality for calls?

No one has complained, and it sounds good to me. There’s a few youtube videos that can demonstrate that for you if you search for them.

I got mine for 59.99$ cuz of first responder discount

Yep, lots of good deals, assuming you qualify for them!

Yes, I found out the hard way that they are international versions and that’s why they carry only a 90 woot warranty. I contacted Samsung when mine was having issues and they immediately told me that I’m not covered and would have to pay over $100 to get mine fixed.

After waiting a year for additional features for my Samsung watch I found out they are only available if you have a Samsung phone. So Samsung can keep their earbuds and everything else they make!

Red ones available on the mothership for $89

Not true. I’m using them and a Galaxy Watch 3 with my Google Pixel 4. You only need to download the Samsung Wearables app to make everything work properly.

Ninja’ed! I have these as well and 100% agree with your comments. They stay put, sound great, plenty loud, noise canceling, Qi charging…what is not to like?

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