Samsung Galaxy Buds+ True Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ True Wireless Earbuds

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So these don’t really come with a factory warranty?

Correct, no manufacturer warranty on this deal sadly. These units only come with our Woot 90 Warranty.

Bruh, I’d gladly pay $10 extra for that factory warranty. This “deal” sucks. I hate it when Amazon just shoves product they can’t sell to woot, and this looks to be one of those times.

Curious to know where you found Buds plus for $110?

Agreed, not much of a deal since the international version is available for 109. $$ The only way this deal works out is if you buy the square trade warranty for 12 bux…That’s still barely a deal. You can do better Woot !!!

I’ve never seen any deal for the Buds+ for anywhere near $110. The standard and original Buds, yes. Buds+, no. This looks like a really good deal. I have the original Buds and they’re excellent. I have been waiting for a deal like this for the new version.

The International version on Amazon also has no warranty. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same exact product.


It’s tempting but only IPX2 kills it for me. I sweat too much working out and have destroyed other IPX2 devices even with drying them after use because the moisture has already gotten inside.

Verizon wireless had these for $105/ea new if you bought 3. I had to hook up the whole family so that deal worked out for us. So far we’re quite happy with them - upgraded from jabra elite sports. The jabras had a much better IPX rating but kept flaking out. These buds are smaller and still very comfy. I recommend comply tips as a replacement for the standard tip options.

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I bought these last week. They are awesome. Samsung has a new version coming out by 8/11 called Galaxy Buds Live that are kidney shaped for $169.99.
Galaxy Buds Live, Mystic Black

I bought the older version of these last year. Just a heads up, they require the use of the Samsung Wear app. This app requires access to your contact list, or the app will not work (hence you cannot set up or use the earbuds). Reminds me of the old days when apps had the ‘allow all permissions’ or they would not work setup. I stopped using it as a result. Yes, i know samsung could backdoor access my contacts if they really wanted to, it just the principle of it.

My iOS is MAC so I’m not sure the two mind clouds could merge? Maybe some sort of old meets two new makes one magically synchronicity is possible, who knows how sentient these darned machines are,

On iOS it uses a galaxy buds app and does not need your contacts. The app was not required for use but does give access to firmware updates, eq settings, and hear-through capability.

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Two questions:

  1. is this the USA Version?
  2. I understand not covered by manufacturer warranty. Does woot guarantee this is an authentic USA version?

Obviously I am trying to make sure I don’t buy a counterfeit product… I’ve heard there are some in circulation.

Is this a US version, or the international version that Amazon already has on their site?

These units are 100% authentic Samsung products. They are the same as the US version as far as packaging, contents, and specs. But they don’t come with the manufacturer warranty.

That sounds exactly like how the vendors would describe the international versions…

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Yea pretty much. The real bargain was for the cloud blue for $69 here a few days ago.

These are the international version but at least they are authentic. I’d probably buy if I needed urgently, but I’ll hold out for a USA version.

As far as the Buds + they are top notch. I bought the Best Buy exclusive blue (dark/navy) at full price, and after using numerous wireless sets (by Jabra and sennheiser) I can say these are one of the best things on the market for call quality.

I wouldn’t compare these to full size over ear headsets for sound quality, because if you are keeping expectations realistic a 10mm driver won’t compete with a high-end 50mm driver. I’ve used these to listen to music or watch movies occasionally, and they are certainly serviceable but not award-winning (I have sennheiser 650 and a IfI black label to compare to on the higher end of my personal gear). They meet expectations.

But they have fantastic call quality and battery life. They operate individually and with the built-in battery in the case you can easy use them all day without charging (using them independently if you need 10+ hours). I’ve used them for long conference calls and they cut out sounds almost as good as foam hearing protection ear plugs.

In short : To be able to hear calls clearly while driving and other people to hear you clearly, I’d give these 10/10 for call quality and usability. If you want something exclusively to listen to music, especially if you want to get them wet, you might look elsewhere.

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I didn’t clarify, but my issue is with Andriod.