Samsung Galaxy Gear S w/Curved Super AMOLED Display

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Which provider is this watch compatible with. I have at&t.

Doesn’t matter the new version the sw2 is only $30 more

The watch works with whatever service the phone currently has. All notifications on the watch are via Bluetooth from the phone.

this doesn’t seem correct as the phone has on-board 3g and can make calls independent of the phone?
Every time woot has offered these in the past they’ve specified “AT&T”, if I’m not mistaken?

Checking again.

It’s actually 4g but you’re right it should say att or tmobile

Be aware that this version of the Gear 750W is the Canadian variant, and if you are living south of the border i.e. USA, then you will have problems with the Canadian Variant as a stand alone phone.

c’mon woot!