Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Apr 11 to Wednesday, Apr 16) + transit
Condition: New


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These are on Woot sale already? lol.

the stats need to be changed. IP55 is NOT rated for water immersion.

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Well, they’re great if you have, and stay with, a Samsung phone, but I’ll stick with my Pebble, which works with any Android or iOS phone.

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if you didn’t know, the Gear 2 releases this Friday

How long do these things realistically go between charges?

The Gear 2 and two other models are coming out, so these are about to be previous-gen models and are being cleared out at many places. First models in new product categories have short lives. So, yes, “already.”

The new version of this watch is coming out April 11 for the full $299. Here is the Amazon link:

They were on sale for $99 (Canadian!!) last week. Flushing out the old gear (pun intended) to make room for new models,

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I have wanted one for a while not sure if i should pull and grab one now or not wonder in the next months how much more the price will go down

They’re shooting themselves in the foot again. Moto/Google are releasing Wear, and while the pebble sucks as of 2.0, it still runs the compatibility gamut. Meanwhile, no serious improvement in the Gear 2 over the Gear, and still only compatible with Samsung phones – which are so bloated with add-on software, that a second screen is virtually a must. So sad.

Sounds like an excellent plan, to me. Or wait and get the new one, once it starts to come down, in price. It’s bound to happen, eventually. Xmas is only about 9 months away.

when apple releases the iwatch, do you think it will be compatible across phone lines or an apple exclusive? my bet is on an apple exclusive.

A charge lasts two to three days and I was surprised by how quickly it charged full again.

I have a Note 3 and don’t seem to suffer as you say I should.

Must be a User error on your end.

Or you don’t actually own a Samsung phone.

That said, most reviews seem to think that so far, the Gear 2’s are indeed an improvement over the first Gen which looked comical with the oddly placed camera bump.

If I have my phone paired to a bluetooth helmet streaming pandora, can I use the watch to skip songs?

My phone is not advanced enough for a watch, apparently. Sad face.