Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors
Price: $134.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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4/8/2014 - $159.99 - 93 comment(s)

The Galaxy Gear series of devices was (by Samsung’s admission) essentially a beta test of a concept. These devices will have little to no support going forward. Gear2 is already out. I have a hard time thinking that the original series of “Galaxy Gear” products are a bargain at any price. Do your research before plunking down your money, folks.

Time to check out the product page

I agree with the last sentence. The new gear has a replaceable wrist band and they fixed a bunch of design flaws. Sorry Woot…

These are awesome! They run Android! They get almost a FULL day of battery life! They have Gorilla Glass! They have a really crappy onboard camera!
Yeah, well, they suck. This is the lowest they’ve been – so far. They weren’t exactly flying off the shelves at $150, so something tells me that this inventory is going to languish until someone bites the bullet and either does a $50 fire sale (it worked for the ill fated HP tablet), or it gets steamrolled. Either way, this is going to end as a large number in red ink on some ledger.

I’d pay 50 bucks for one!

Tough crowd!

To be fair, they’re still $200 new (Best Buy price), the Gear 2 runs $300, and people are willing to shell out $1500 for Google Glass…

In comparison, Gear 2 is slimmer, lighter, has replaceable watch straps (as previously mentioned) and a built-in heart rate monitor. They also moved the camera, mic, and speakers onto the watch body itself (enabling the replaceable wrist strap). The OS has changed to Tizen (not Android), but functions the same as the 1st gen Samsung Gear.

Here’s a comparison video, highlighting the above differences:

If I ran or did heavy cardio regularly and just had to have one of these, I’d spring for the Gear 2 simply because of the heart rate monitor on the back. I would not purchase any variety of smart watch if fashion was my concern, so the concern with design is mostly moot.

I won’t buy one at this price (I still consider it a toy), but if you’re looking to pick one of these up and aren’t set on the Gear 2, this is a good deal.

Samsung has said Tizen is coming for the galaxy gear.

Canada was selling this crapz for $99 about a month ago. A refurb shouldn’t be more than our mother country sells it for new. Plus its old garbage tech.

I second that…

I got one last month on woot! - big fun! the watch styler app has been amazing! I’ve got a dozen watch faces I designed I can swap anytime (see the pedometer is accurate. when I get a phone call, I see who it is on my watch & ignore or take the call ON MY WATCH. also, my phone doesn’t lock if its in a few feet of the watch. the pedometer is accurate. getting and sending SMS’s on it rocks! and it’s a remote for media playing on the phone (& even shows titles). two thumbs up!!

I remember Galaxy Gear being the cover picture for all “what to do with unwanted gifts” articles after the holidays.

cNet review 2½/5 stars—“falls far short of expectations.”

Does anyone know the length of the wristband? I have a pretty small wrist but sure would like one of these…

I can’t really trust anyone who says the pedometer is accurate, unless they also claim they were counting their steps along with it.

i don’t know the size, but they go pretty small and are quite comfortable. That is about all I can say good though. I bought one on the last go round. It is fun, but certainly a little disappointing. Samsung could have done so much more. I would wait for the onslaught of other brands.

I wondered the same thing about my Fitbit so I checked the distance calculated in the app with GPS walking through the neighborhood running errands and markers on a trail and it was almost exactly spot on. I’m sure there are some discrepancies in gait in various circumstances but it was so close that I can’t imagine it really mattering in it’s context.

I bought one of these on Woot less than a month ago for $159 ($175 w/tax and shipping). I love it and it works great but I wish Woot would refund the difference offering it again so soon (not expecting it to happen)