Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors

Then get it wet and have to buy another one. Rinse and repeat until the price = $150.00, then invest in water resistant Gear 2 or better yet, the more economical Gear Neo if you don’t need a camera.

I think the one I bought in April was new…not refurbished…so I am guessing that is why its a lower price

AgentSmith5150 wrote:I’d pay 50 bucks for one!


it doesn’t seem it works with anything but Samsung products.

Original list price: $4999.99.

Just curious why would this work with Verizons Note II but not AT&T Note II?? Any thoughts

Most likely a software version - everyone but AT&T of the major carriers updated to 4.3 on the Note 2 with the release. However, AT&T finally released that update back in December, so it should now be compatible.

There are also mods for it, though not much in the way of serious added functionality.

My husband and brother in law both got these on woot a while ago and they absolutely love them.

Apparently my comment comparing these to military-issue GCG glasses was removed.

But seriously, I’d like a woman’s opinion of what she would think about a guy she’d just met who was wearing one of these.

Don’t know about that but I’ll let you know guys opinions of me wearing mine when I get it. I imagine it is a decent geek magnet :slight_smile:

I have one of these and it’s much fun! Seems many of the reviews were before the fall update which added other phones and more notifications. Great when you’re in a meeting, you can just glance, instead of digging in your pocket. Answering on the watch is OK, the xmit quality is good, the speaker is small but works for short calls, or when you’re hands are full.

Since this Gen1 is Android, you can push .apk apps through ADB, and there is a custom ROM you can load. (voids warranty but you can revert to stock)

If you read the posts of most of the folks that have one, they are not disappointed. I am very happy with mine and would replace it tomorrow if it broke. I routinely get 3 to 4 days battery life but I use it as intended and do not have it hacked or rooted. People complain that they can’t watch videos, good grief. It’s a small screen designed for basic functions. It is a wonderful adjunct to my Note 3, gets lots of attention, and works beautifully. If I were in the market, I would be all over this deal. Oh, and for everyone that will peg me with negative comments…go buy one then we can talk.

I don’t see the Galaxy S 5 listed under compatible devices?

Refurbished watch. Hmmmmmm

that’s what i did, of course. otherwise, how would i know the pedometer was accurate?

in my profession, it’s important to be right. (i’m a primary care doc).

Did anybody else receive a less-than-refurbished watch? I received mine today, and it has scratches all over the face, corrosion on the charging contacts, and the Samsung etching on the bottom of the watch body has some sort of dirt or other material all inside the etching…