Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

5 hours in and the Mocha Grey is already out of stock? :expressionless:

Been sold out for three hours or more.

We didn’t have many of that one left.

Anyone knows if a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running KitKat 4.4.2 will work with this?

Is it possible to get the wrist size this will fit? Seriously, what size is the watch band? An hour of searching the net and people complaining it doesn’t fit yet not one of the thousands bothered to give the freaking length of the band!

I never understand all of the varied colors. I just want a black watch. Nothing more, nothing less…


Yeah, I did some googling and it looks like I could get it working half way. But half-way isn’t good enough. Thanks.

Didn’t see the words “waterproof” or “water resistant”.

Is it?

IIRC this one is IP55 and the new Gear 2 is IP67. Streams of water, immersion up to 1 m respectively.

I ordered my Mocha Grey watch and it came as a Rose Gold color. It made my day (not really). Now I have to go through a painful returning process. I hope everyone else has better luck with this company.

Does anyone know what the phone range using bluetooth is? I have searched here and at Samsung and no exact specs. I sometimes leave my phone on my desk at work and it would be helpful to know how far I can roam and still receive a call.

If I could go at least 200 feet would be great.

according to the bluetooth spec theoretically it can go as far as >100 m (>330 ft)

I just picked one of these up last week when they were featured. Received it on Tuesday and have had the chance to run it through the ringer the last few days.

**please disregard previous reviews prior to Feb 2014 as there have been updates for better functionality and user interface.

If you’re a tech nerd like me, this is a great piece of hardware. It does exactly like it should gives me great flexibility with my phone. I can leave my phone on the charger and roam around my entire house without it. The range is great.

The Gear allows me to prioritize my phone activity. Meaning, if an email or text or call comes through I can either respond with s voice or a preset text, or determine if it can wait. This happens in seconds versus getting out my phone etc. I have the preview option selected on my Gear so I can immediately determine the nature of the email/text and determine it’s priority.

The advantage the Gear (or any wearable) has is it allows you to quickly handle your phone communication without making an obvious action. The stock apps are great and completely built for there purpose. With limited apps for the gear, I’ve chose not to install any of the others at this time. I’m more about practicality/functionality versus games/news etc. If I have the time to read the news or play a game, I have time to retrieve my phone and utilize it’s larger screen.

Apps I would like to see? Calculator, keyboard (and all of the response functions that would come with it), detailed weather. **side note, the updates removed the ability to side load the kwiksy keyboard and USB debug.

Overall, it’s a great device as long as you understand before you buy it, it’s not a fully functioning phone on your wrist, just a mere link TO your phone. If you want full functionality of a phone, don’t bother, the Gear is a mere shortcut.

Another great feature is the media controller. I have Pandora, Play Music and downloaded tunes and send the music to my surround system or portable UE Boombox via BT. I can control the music from just my wrist, volume, track etc. Equally, when working out I can change tracks, volume etc. while using my headphones.

The camera is great, good quality for it’s application. Again, if you’re wanting good high quality pics, use your phone or actual DSLR. If you’re active and want some quick shots, use your gear. I used mine fishing and it works great, quick pic and send it right to my phone.

The UI is intuitive and a breeze to conquer. Take an hour and familiarize yourself with the Gear and you’re done. Swipes are easy and smooth, no hangups or lagging.

The speaker on the clasp is not great, serves the purpose but not great. I wouldn’t want any extended conversation on it. The receiving party cannot tell the difference in an “office setting” outside, different story. Like having your phone on speakerphone picking up EVERY sound.

The Gear also recognizes when another BT audio device is connected and they work together. i.e music and calls. While in my BT enabled car I have the option to take a call in my vehicle, Gear, or phone.

Is it worth $300, nope! Is it worth $164.99, YEP!!

My gear is connected to my GS4.

Thanks for coming back to give a review! We really appreciate it.

You can get all of these working if you root and install a custom rom. I did this and now I have full internet access via google as well as voice search. It utilizes bluetooth for the internet connection via the phone. I hit the voice search app icon on my watch that I have on my homescreen via Nova Launcher, ask it questions - such as “what time do the Chicago Blackhawks play today” - and my watch reads me the answer just like your phone would. I could help with the setup if you wanted.

I would LOVE the help! I tried one option and the recent update eliminated the option I was attempting. I only got as far as installing the samsung drivers on my pc with the APK.

I would certainly love the help and the results.

why get the galaxy gear when you can get the gear 2 neo for less than this?

Am i missing something?

at least you got one, i havent got mine yet and it says their still packing it up and getting it ready :confused: