Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Buyer beware - refurbished seems to mean used and returned and being re-sold to you.

I purchased a “refurbished” Galaxy Gear during the last sale in early May and received a watch with scratches all over the face, corrosion or some other build-up on the charging contacts, and some sort of dirt or gunk inside the Samsung logo etching on the bottom of the watch.

It didn’t seem to be refurbished at all just used, abused, returned, and re-sold to me.

photomasta is correct. Stay away from refurbished items. My watch was scratched from the face plate when I tried to get a refund woot basically told me you’re SOL. Buyer beware.

Does it work with Galaxy S5?

Yes it works with S5, and also Note 2 with 4.3 or 4.4 update. I’ve used it with both, not sure why Note 2 isn’t on the list.

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.

Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

Thanks for the post, i’m staying away…

Thats bad if true… Thanks for the post! again, i’m staying away.

Your kidding about the refurb? Right?? Woot please comment on this - say it isn’t so.

Guess I better double check the return policy for items like this to make sure…

Don’t Panic! :slight_smile:

i hope woot comments on this maybe some pictures of the worst ones… i really want one, but not if the screens or cameras are really in poor shape.

I’m worried about the condition as well. I have an email into Woot about it. I rolled the dice and ordered one anyway. I’ll let you know if Woot gets back to me on my question about the expected condition of these watches.

I just order one and I will left feedback I hope get my in good shape stay on…

That’s unfortunate about the refurb on this. I’ve purchased other refurb electronics over the years (though not from Woot or Samsung), and they have all been like new. I normally wouldn’t hesitate on most refurbs because I’ve had really good experience with all my purchases. Thanks for posting your experience with this so people know what they get before they decide to buy.

So far refurbished has been the better for me. I had a motoactv brand new and it wouldnt do half the stuff it was supposed to. Bought a refurb for $90 and it works better than the new one did. It does say refurbished by Motorola on the package though. Also a philips bluray player refurb worked great. Thanks for the heads up though on this!

Did woot get back to any of you?

yea most refurbs have been good for me too, lasting longer than most new products i purchase… i just had a bad omen feeling from the first 2 posts above…

though i would like the water resistant ability in the gen2 i hear that they are allowing the software that you get in the gen2 to be pushed back on the gen1 so thats nice the only thing that would be better on the gen2 would be better sensors / camera (or whatever hardware change they made)

im still on the fence for this one i would really only use it for a pedometer… the gs4 has a pedometer but i think its not as accurate, i was hoping the watch would be more so.

Like many Wooters, I have had excellent luck with all of the refurbished electronics purchased here on Woot.

Having said that, 2 of the 3 watches on offer are NEW, not refurbished, so nervous Wooters can go Rose Gold or Yellow and still save a few bucks.

I have purchased a refurb TV back in '08 and it still works to this day. I did not notice any blemishes on it of any kind. I also bought two hard drives ‘factory re-certified’, unfortunately I never used them as someone in the forum said he had one and said it crapped out still under warranty and Maxtor? sent out a brand new one. At the time did not have an application to use it in that I was comfortable with that happening (wont do that again). I have also purchased a refurb Roku the end of 2011 and it too still works to this day. All this from Woot. There were no scratches blemishes of any kind on any of them, except for stickers on the roku and hard drive, don’t really remember for the TV and don’t feel like getting up to check. Its just a matter of personal taste and how much you like to gamble. With electronics that is a chance you take new or refurb (minus the scratches of course). I have stopped, or at least been a lot more picky, buying a lot of electronics type of things from stores. Just to many returns making it back to the shelves. I will get things home and something will be missing, or obviously used. I bought an automatic cat feeder when I was going on vacation one year and when I opened it, there was food residue all in the mechanisms. Unfortunately it is now making its way into online ordering more as I have had to return something to Amazon once. So throw the dice, or not. Its up to you.

I would want it for a heck of a lot less than $99 if that is the condition it comes in. “Refurbish” is supposed to mean “repaired to full functionality with minor cosmetic imperfections that do not impede usability”. Scratched lens impedes functionality, and should not be advertised as “refurbished”. It should be advertised as “used and may have cosmetic damage”