Samsung Galaxy Media Players

Walmart has the 3.6" for 1 cent less plus free shipping.

I like that you can video chat with dual-cameras. Just point one at yourself and the other at the person you are chatting with. But who gets to look at the screen?

My son has one of these and it is an excellent a great video game for him. Apps run well, way cheaper than nintendo games, great graphics, portable and with the added advantages over the ipod touch that this one has a removable battery, external memory slot and standard usb connection.

I have one, and I use it daily. It has a decent amount of RAM, a good task manager, and removable storage. I just recommend putting it in Airplane Mode and turning off Wi-Fi, because in my experience that KILLS the battery. Also, the screen on the 3.6 is a little low-res, but you get used to it. The memo function is very convenient, and I put all of my spur-of-the-moment thoughts in that app.

I used to have a 5.0 model I got off Craigslist and loved the size of the screen–but it had hardware charging problems and wasn’t repairable. I now have a 3.6 model and the screen size is just too small for my middle-aged eyes. However, the 3.6 and 4.2 models have a cool feature that the 5.0 doesn’t have. You can link those models via Bluetooth to a dump phone (has to be the newer Bluetooth) and use it as a handset for the dumb phone. Unfortunately there is no dialer so you can call out only by using the contacts list–it’s mainly for answering the phone.

All the models make great VoIP phones; the call quality is good on all models. As mentioned before the screen quality is different for each model, check the specs.

I am so happy that I have a chance to replace my 5.0-- I hope they don’t sell out before I get paid.

In your experience does the ancient version of Android (2.3.5) prevent you from installing some/many apps?

I’ve had my eye on the 5.0 for 1.5 years and came close a few times to actually buying one, but the lack of an Android update has stopped me.

It appears there are quite a few ROMS available for this well beyond the stock version for those that want the newer OS experience. A little googling goes a long way :wink:

Yes the Google Play store will stop you from downloading apps that it says are not compatible. I don’t know if this is due to the android version or the device.

I just realized this morning that I didn’t include a link to Pinger’s beta android tablet app that I am using on my current 3.6 player. this app also worked great on the 5.0 I used to have.

The Google play store won’t let galaxy players download apps meant for phones, so I have Been using and loving the Pinger android tablet beta test app.

Possible problem. I couldn’t find the link to the beta only links to the new android pinger app so it might be out of beta. So see if Google play will let you download the pinger app for android tablets. In the meantime I’ll look again for the beta link – it was a direct download from the pinger site.

I too have one, and not so concerned about the Android version as it is loaded up with music and it gets strapped to my arm when I run/work out.

Until I upgraded my Polar exercise watch, I also used to use Runtastic on the device and use the GPS to track my runs (and play music at the same time).

Like another poster, the WiFi slaughters the battery for some reason. Between runs I put it in airplane mode and the battery lasts a long time.

How well does the battery hold up when using the GPS for extended periods of time?

I have a 4.2 and let me tell you, they are awesome. Better than the iPod touch, yes, I have a 4th gen iPod, and cheaper!

I’m aware of the other ROMs available but thanks for the suggestion.

I have a Galaxy II Skyrocket that I use as an Android media player but the later versions of Android have a less desirable (to me) multitasking model than older versions.

This is why I was specifically interested in the experience running 2.3.5 in an era when 4.x is the latest.

I bought one of these last time. It is great for listening to streaming music in the office and lab (soma fm app) and playing music/video files on a 32 GB external SD card. Much easier to use than a IPOD (which I also have) since you can use a standard USB to drag/drop files from your PC/MAC. Battery life is decent, and can charge off PC USB. Includes radio so can listen to local NPR. Perfect for kids in the car or long plane flights.

I have the 4.2 that I use daily as my media player. It replaced a GoGear Connect 3 that was very slow & buggy. The Samsung is quite fast & generally works well, although it too can be a bit buggy, possibly as a combination of the older version of Android it runs stock and certain apps (e.g. it will occasionally crash & reboot itself if I do the wrong thing in the Youtube app.) The display is nice, it has dual cameras, bluetooth, user-replaceable battery, etc. I still think it’s worth it as a semi-disposable (i.e. it’s not nearly as expensive as my Galaxy Note phone) media player and powerful Android device.

This is a silly question probably, but what is the difference between these and like a samsung cellphone?

It’s just like a smartphone except for the phone part. You won’t be making calls with this, but if you want to play music, games, and movies, this would probably be a good device for you.

Battery holds up pretty well…you aren’t going to get days from it but you can make it through msot road trips OK. Unless you are talking about driving from Maine to California you won’t have a problem!

My run routes are 4 miles and about 37ish minutes and I can do 3 or 4 and then plug it in because I don’t want to chance running out of juice and missing recording the run.

Again, the most important part is when not using it, pop it into airplane mode otherwise the WiFi and something else sucks the battery dry.