Samsung Galaxy N9600 Note9 128GB (International Version)

Samsung Galaxy N9600 Note9 128GB (International Version)

What is with woots phone prices being so high recently? Used to be able to get good deal but for example this is really high. I got this exact phone 3 years ago for 500. Its all over for less than 300 now.

For new?

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Unfortunately, this is still way pricey, you can search for Note 9 unlocked, and I have seen prices as low as $180. Frankly speaking, Samsung doesn’t even sell this phone, and the software is stuck at Android 9? It didn’t get One UI 3.0.

If you look up at the trade in value that Samsung gives for Note 9, its $150 for no scratches, and $100 if its a cracked screen. $299 is way overpriced. Mind you, Samsung site is the only site that gives maximum value of its phones.