Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" 32GB w/ Pouch

**Item: **Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" 32GB w/ Pouch
Price: $359.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Good Deal, good tablet, but ignore the pouch. I took this last week and the pouch is so tight I ended cutting it off to get the tablet free again!

Good Deal? Really?

I followed your link and it took me to a 16GB one not the 32GB one… agree… good deal.

Yes, good deal. That’s for a 16GB and doesn’t have the pouch (granted, I’m sure it’s not an expensive pouch).

Your link is for 16gb. Current wootoff is for 32gb

I know that the value on deals like this is ascertained by comparing it to the full retail price, but man… it’s a refurb tablet that’s… 1.5 years old (?) and it will cost you $365. I love Woot, I don’t mind refurbs, and I think it’s a relatively good price, but there is just no way I could conceive of paying that much for old technology refurb. Oh, and I like Samsung and would even like to have a Note.

This offer is 32Gb, the one you’re citing is only 16Gb.

Also … hesitating due to Jelly Bean 4.1 limit on upgrade option. That’s hard set, right? No possibility of them ever coming out with a later version for this device?

Hey… that link is for a 16gb tablet, not a 32…


But it has a pouch, A POUCH. I am sure the new versions coming out soon will not have that.

It depends if Samsung works on the development of the lastest O/S for this device, if its old and not a focus, not likely.

Read the fine print!

To contrast this, Walmart sells the 16GB refurbished unit for $299… so in my estimate for an extra $50 to get 32GB I think it is in line and a good deal

New 32gb Galaxy’s (10.1) are "around " $500 new. Not bad, but not that great either.

Android 4.4 is to be announced anytime between now and the end of month. No word on upgrade paths.