Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablets

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablets
Price: $194.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Wednesday, Aug 06 to Monday, Aug 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
6/15/2014 - $239.99 - 274.9 - 8 comment(s)

Time to check out the product page and check out this “very good” review over at

16GB Grey:
Support Page
User Manual

16GB White:
Product Support
User Manual

Comments from a previous sale

Not finding the 32GB choice mentioned in the specs…

16GB or 32GB On-board Memory (Your Choice)

Both models are 16GB, the choice is between white or gray.

UPDATE: Specs are updated. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Wow…quite the drop in price from the $300 I paid a few weeks ago.
Loving mine though…just 1/3 Less than I was a few minutes ago!

Anybody know where I can find a deal on the 4G version of this tablet? Thx

Correct me if I’m wrong but the $300 was the 2014 version , this is the older version.

Great deal here for the case , original Samsung :

I definitely paid $40 more for this model on Woot a month ago.

I super wish i could fire on this. :frowning: My cash just isn’t liquid right now. Or rather, it’s too liquid and not digital, and it’s a weekend, so no bank.

EDIT: I wish there was a way get it tax-free in accordance with the local tax-free weekend. Computers (and related accessories to some degree) are tax-free up to $1000 customer-paid retail in Georgia through the end of the day today. Woot Staff, any chance of a coupon for this? (cringe super unlikely, I know.)

Stay clear of this product. Samsung has put a bad charging plug in this system and if you use normally it will break in about 2 or 3 months.

This has happened to several friends and Samsung solution is an extra $50.00 charge even though the product is still in warranty.

It might be one thing if it was kids, but it is a grown adult that knows how to plug TV’s, phones and all electrical products in correctly.

I bought this model during a woot off in December, I think for 239 - I’m too lazy to check. I love mine, and have no problems with it whatsoever, other than I ordered white and got black. In the case it doesn’t really matter though. This is a great deal that I would gladly jump on if I could get my husband in the 21st century. The 2013 version works so well, I can’t see going to the 2014 version unless this one breaks.

Hmmm… I bought one of these brand new, in 2012 - still charging just fine. I’ve used the cord, as well as the dock -not any problems.

This is not the 2014 Note 10.1.
The model number for this is GT-N8013. It is shown under the pictures of the product in the main page.

The model number for its successor 2014 edition is SM-P6000. I paid $380 for a 32meg 2014 unit in a Woot offer 2 or so months ago.

It is disappointing that there’s no mention that this is an older model anywhere in this offer. Woot, your credibility just took a nosedive.

Correct. This is the older version. See my comment about model numbers elsewhere in this thread.

I bought a refurbished version of this about a year ago from Walmart for $249. It’s a nice tablet but my main complaint at this point is that Ssmsung has updated all of the 2013 versions of this tablet to kitkat except for this one (the GT-N8013). It’s been 2-3 months since they started updating them but it seems as though they might have abandoned updating this one. I hope I’m wrong, but the fact that Samsung is slow at updating Android would dissuade me from considering Samsung in the future.

I’ve always use the Ipad , never have any experience with the android system from Samsung . My 8 yrs old birthday is coming up.

For those friends here that have the experiences on both systems : Will this tablet be as comparable as Apple ? The kid will use this just as the Ipad ,mainly for kid’s games .

Just try to save myself some major $$ to buy this instead the 2014 version .

Thanks .