Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" w/ Book Cover

**Item: **Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" w/ Book Cover
Price: $289.99
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Cool. Can I cancel the last one I ordered on Woot that still hasn’t shipped and get this instead?

TONS of great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

I’ve been wanting this since it came out. So what I am going to do is… go to bed. When I wake up and still want this (I have the Samsung Tab) I will take the plunge. I hope there are some worthy reviews from people who have this. Good night!!!

Let’s watch a review [youtube=ECxP2SQx5-g][/youtube]

Does this have a built in aircard or whatever that would be called to be able to add this to a Verizon data plan?

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

No HDMI, No USB ports.

Spec page says it has USB 2.0.

Woot & Amazon specs say MicroSD up to 32GB.

Samsung’s website specs indicate SD card up to 32GB and MicroSD up to 64GB.

Could somebody from Woot confirm if this accepts MicroSD (or MicroSDHC) up to 64GB? That would make this a screaming deal for me, if it is the case…

I am typing this on the Samsung 10.1 Note I got on woot! last year. I love this thing!

Yes it takes MicroSD. The stylus functions are awesome. USB 2 via the charging cable works great BUT NOT with Macs. It hates my Mac SO MUCH. But transferring files from my PC is a snap including ripped DVDs to the MicroSD cards for long flights.

The speakers are surprisingly good, and as far as I know, this wifi only and not for carriers like Verizon and Sprint, etc.

Also, lastly, reading comic books on this thing is a great experience as is Hulu and Netflix and Google Play viseos. Btw, the battery life is great and fully charges in about an hour or so with the tablet off.

Lastly, lastly, I’ve written 20 page research paper drafts on this thing because of its easy multitasking (suck it iPad!) between Evernote and a browser and Skitch. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Sorry for the delayed response. I have spoken with Woot Staff, but we’ve haven’t yet found an answer.
We will verify in the morning and let you guys know.

Thanks for the inquiry! :smiley:

I have a 64Gb card in mine and it works no problem at all but the trick is to get the right one since some folks have had issues with them. Heres the exact one I used.

p.s. this tablet rocks, especially for college.

I’ve been really considering the Samsung tablets, and especially the note since it has the stylus, can someone tell me something though, with android apps, if you aren’t running the most recent build do you get left behind? (like crashing and other issues) Because even though this is last years model the processor is pretty good

Android does not have a problem with past model compatibility. Almost all apps that are available now have all been written to be compatible back to version 2.3. This Tab should have no problems.

I use an HP Touchpad to run Android and never see issues with apps crashing due to hardware OR software compatibility.

Just bought the Asus VivoTab on the 5th for $280. Anyone want to tell me how much better off I am or what a big mistake I made and would be better off with this?

yes it takes a micro 64 gig card, I have the sandisk version in mine as I type this for you all!
I personally have not read of any 64gig cards it does not take, but again I but the class 10 sandisk cards so…

This device is very quick, it has the 2 gig ram you, all need and 16 gig is a minimum storage, I have the 32 gig version. You will not need 32 gig unless you play lots of big games. I do like to have it anyway tho, just checked now and I have 12 gig free, now this is internal not your sd card!

if you dont mind rooting the device as I did mine then you can use an app called “gl to sd” in the play store to move big games to your sd card, I have ised it on my phone and it works with most big games.

The case this comes with is very nice and thin, the down side to it is its thin and not that protected when dropped so if you tend to drop your gadgets get some other case that has protection, it will add bulk but at least its protected!

I have a usb adapter for it that I purchased off amazon that reads and writes fat 32 and ntfs, but only ntfs with root and this app “USB OTG HELPER”.

Now there are a bunch of file managers that allow you to tranfer files thu wifi so look into that instead of direct connect, much easier.

now I also have the 8" and 10.1"note by samsung, bothe are great but prefer the larger.

Yes they have a new 10.1 2014 edition but get this one now then next year by that one at this same price and you have 2 for just about the same as the new one now! or wait longer and get a future one, I am not saying this is a bad purchase at all, just saying for those who have to have the latest and greatest and cant swing the extra money.

speakers on this is perfect in the front, this is one major design this older version has over the new 2014 edition, I still cant believe samsung moved the speakers on the new 2014 edition, I dont even want one just cause of that!

I purchased a dock for some older samsung 7" device that works great for hdmi and to supply power to the tab at once, off ebay for something like $10, and I also have the samsung allshare cast device and both methods work great! on getting everything you do on your device to the screen!

Oh one last thing for now, buy printer share in the app store, between that and google print you cant print anywhere (directly to most newer printers).

What options are there for HDMI out?