Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Book Cover

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[MOD: Product page is for the 32GB version]

**Item: **Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Book Cover
Price: $289.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Are we quite certain that it comes with ice cream sandwich? I’m pretty sure the note 8.0 comes with jellybean, And they’re basically the same device on the inside.

BTW, the built in Wacom tablet is the best thing to come along for tablets since, well, tablets! This is a no-brainer for artists! Do be aware though that a new note, with true high-resolution display, is just over the horizon.

Stock model uses ICS.

Also, had to look for it elsewhere, but the quad-core mentioned is an A9 Exynos and NOT the Tegra.

Per the vendor, it comes with ICS and you can upgrade it to JB.

Additional info and TONS of great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

TONS of great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

Let’s watch a VERY thorough review [youtube=8Wf_PqPi2tw][/youtube]

I love mine. It’s replaced all my notebooks for school, as well as the laptop in general for classes.

I do suggest replacing the pen if you’re going to use it for writing and/or art extensively, as the S-Pen is awkward to do either with long term. (Or it was for me, anyway.) The Bamboo feel is what I have.

You might want to wait a few more weeks before you buy one…

A new model is being released in a few days time. That will drive prices way down …

Also its the end of the year … so there will be pressure to get rid of old inventory in the warehouses.

One more reason prices are heading south…

For the patient person better deals are coming…

Walmart has for $10 more but 2 year protection is $36 which is $8 less than Square Trade and 1 year MORE. Take your pick…think Walmart will be around…and nearby!

I’ve had mine for almost a year. LOVE it. Use it daily. I haven’t touched a pad of paper in all that time. Long battery life, great front-facing speakers, good screen.

Visit this website for a series of videos about how to really push this device in the note-taking department. The gal who made them is a student who has filmed herself using the Note to take extensive, detailed, formatted notes, marking up PowerPoint slides and PDF files, in college.

Can’t the S-note run on other tablets? The only thing special about Samsung’s implementation seems to be the pressure sensitive S-pen. But even that should be easily ported to other tablets since all pressure measurement lies in the pen and not the tablet. Otherwise it’s just a capacitive pen which you can find for a dollar on eBay. Add Bluetooth and a strain gauge and you’d have this pen.

NOPE! Its a wiacom pen, not just some capacitive pen. The fact that you can use the pen and rest your palm on this makes it special. The digitizer layer is primo.

Is the tablet refurbished by Samsung, or by a third party?

too bad all the really great art apps like Artrage and Brushes are iOS only.

2 Month old Note is on it’s way back to Samsung now… The camera flash light would have a mind of it’s own…

Another important difference is that the customized pen interface can be used for all apps. Personally, I think that’s the nicest thing about the tablet. I get a very nice pen interface to use regardless of the app. S-pen apps are a little nicer because they will recognize the pressure sensitivity. But the app is great for non-spen apps such as email. The interface is created for this tablet. You won’t get it on any thing else.

I bought mine from Woot in Feb for $100 more and no cover. Hey Woot, can I at least get a cover?

I might be missing it… but is there a warranty on the tablet? I see a 90-day for the cover.