Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra 5G (128GB) (Unlocked)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra 5G (128GB) (Unlocked)

HyperFast Processor

Wow, that tell me a lot!

I bought this deal last time, and it’s legit a brand new phone in perfect condition.

They are probably having problems selling Bronze and Green…

If you can ignore the color…A pretty good deal…

Certainly better than the 12 that does not wirelessly charge…half the time…

Why is this a good deal ? anybody ? it’s the same price on website ?

Trade-in required to get that pricing.

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The picture kinda makes it look like a european travel adapter/plug. Is this the US version or a different international version?

Caved and got one this time! …now to sell my Note8 & Note9… can’t wait for all the ‘Is this item still available?’ and ‘will you take (25% of your asking price)?’ messages on Facebook Marketplace! ;(

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So this is GSM and CDMA and will work on Verizon?

This is the way!

I would be getting the Note 20 but I don’t like that it has no microSD slot

But colors… :frowning:

When you bought it last time was it GSM or CDMA?

Is this good for use in any country or just US?

It’s this 5G?


That’s what a case is for,… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Note 20 Ultra 5G is out of stock. :cry:

Good luck for anyone who ordered this. When the N20U was on here 3 weeks ago I never got mine and had to get a refund. I was one of at least 3 people that also didn’t get theirs.

My tracking number amazingly still says “USPS awaiting item” 3 weeks later. Somehow Woot doesn’t have the ability to track a package between them and when it gets to USPS, which blows my mind. Never ordering a high priced item here again.

Ultra has micro SD.