Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256GB (GSM) (International Version) (Open Box)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256GB (GSM) (International Version) (Open Box)

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So many $$$$s for non-5G version. Lower by $200 and I will buy. I like the white!

You know this isn’t EBay, right?

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No, it is not eBay. Woot as has been explained by staff seems to be a third tier outlet beyond Amazon Warehouse. Based on what Woot is and its historic roots, expectations are that the prices are more of a discount. It is OK for many here to have that vision as it was Woot’s roots. It also does help Woot’s business model if maintains the reputation of consistently better pricing for what it sells.

If that is how you view a business model and niche in Amazon’s pantheon, then you may have big picture issues and be missing real life opportunities. Was not trying to waste your time.

Ehhhhhhhhhh, not exactly.

Difference is we choose what we sell. Amazon doesn’t tell us. We get lists and we pull what we think will sell.

We try to be the best price in the RETAIL market. We don’t price comp to eBay unless it’s a retailer’s store and we don’t comp to used.

Amazon changes their prices like every 30 minutes or so making it fun for pricing when we launch some deals for a 7-30 days. :w_eyeroll1:

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Price is what drives volume of views and sales in sites that compete with Woot. That IS Woot’s market niche and the competition is ferocious. Some of your Pixel phones have been on sale on these other sites at 30% lower price and based on feedback, their condition descriptors more accurate (A or Excellent, B or Good, B- some scratches, C some screen scratches).