Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S&D Verizon/GSM Unlocked: 2 Colors

Will this work on T-Mobile?

I have a question… works in Colombia? and the scratched and Dented is big?

No extended warranty options? (Maybe my coffee just isn’t working yet…)

Mostly,yes. I got the Note 3 on a recent Woot. I found that the Verizon branded phone could not be used as a mobile hotspot with my T-mobile SIM. Everything else seemed to work perfectly and I tried most everything. I needed hotspot capabilities, so I had to return it. Scratch and dent on the one I got was mainly just a significantly beat up looking chrome trim ring.

HI! I would like to know, how can I be sure that this phone can works outside the USA?
It looks good but, does it works in South America, Colombia specifically?

Sorry about that. It’s added now.

Short easy answer: It should work fine in Columbia and internationally where providers use GSM.
Longer, but slightly more correct answer: Under the “Specs” tab look at the “Wireless Technology” section. Look at the supported Bands and frequencies listed there. If the bands and frequencies used by the service provider in your area are all listed, everything should work.(except possibly Hotspot and maybe other features Verizon may have messed with - see my comment above)

Will it work with my AT&T SIM card?

Hi Again!
I have another question. Does this phone come with its orginal charger and cables?


If tethering is your make or break then I’ll chime in with Wifi tethering works without root if you buy an app called Foxfi. I think it was $4. I have this phone on Verizon with grandfathered unlimited data and don’t pay the $30 extra per month for tethering features.

They may be replaced if they’re not in good condition.

I ordered one of these when they offered them about 2 months ago and I’ve had a very positive experience. The phone arrived in a generic box with a brand new Samsung charger and USB cable. Phone was in VG to excellent condition physically and powered up just fine. The only negative was that I ordered a black phone and received a white one. After seeing how good it looked and worked I quickly decided to keep the white one. Been using it ever since and works great. Thank you WOOT.

Can you use this phone with Straight talk???

Assuming that the 900V is unlocked, you can get the BYOP Sim from Straight Talk and be able to use the 4g LTE service. But understand that tethering is not allowed by ST.

Who did the refurbishing.

We don’t have that information. It was a third party - not Samsung.

Full size SIM or nano-SIM?