Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S&D Verizon/GSM Unlocked: 2 Colors

Can we please get verification on the supported network bands? PnoneArena and both indicate that this specific variant (SM-N900V) only supports LTE bands 4 and 13.

I don’t know if anyone will see this, so not sure how helpful it will be, but here is my review of this phone.

My sweetheart ordered one and when it didn’t work, I tried to troubleshoot it.

Reception is terrible. We have zero bars at home, where the other phones in the house can make calls, send txts, and browse the web. Dropped calls all the time. There are a million support threads all over the place on verizon’s site and the Android forums where people are complaining about this problem. I am really surprised by this, since this is a premium, top of the line phone.

Also, ours was loaded with the 5.0 version of Android which is apparently not rootable on this device. I was hoping that with different firmware the problem could be fixed.

I am pretty sure this means she will have to return it, since it can’t actually make a call.

The phone’s condition was acceptable. The screen and camera lens were in very fine condition. The case had some pretty serious wear though. One corner looked like it had been dragged across the pavement. The case is cracked around the earphones plug port.

The functions of the phone itself are great. I have a dinosaur era Galaxy S and this Note 3 phone is so much nicer! Way faster, way nicer screen, way more useful. If it could actually make calls at home, it would be great.

In town it does a little better. It has one or two bars. But drops calls and has bad call quality.