Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB 10.1 (Wi-Fi)


Oh man…now you are really tempting me! Fortunately I still have a great 10.1 first gen and love it!

toto you are in kansas!

Buy it, it has Wi-Fi

if i didn’t have such horrible luck with refurbed tablets i’d jump ALL over this

Awesome tablet! Got a couple weeks ago when up… typing this on it! Best and fastest tablet ever, quad core!

But I already ordered the Galaxy tab 10 today and the Galaxy tab 7 yesterday…woot, stop it!

me too, every and each one of them except HP Touchpad

Tempting but just to expensive.

will this work on top of my MAC?

I have 1 luv it , cost 5 hundred
Good deal

I’m holding out for a Galaxy Player 5.0

anyway a LOT of tablets today

Do you mean using your typewriter as a stand for it? SURE.

of all these tablets being posted…is the best one so far the samsung that was posted early yesterday?? i think it was operating on some honeycomb thing…it sold out fast. i’m wondering if that was the best deal incase I see it again. when will woot stop these deals?? i’m attached to my computer and refresh button

Mine is refurb…had it for over a year with zero problems…Jump!

and better than mine this will have the Smart card slot for memory expansion. I have to use a seperate doohickey to do that with mine.

What makes this an outstanding tablet (I have one) is the stylus. If you are looking for a product where you can be productive at work - true multitasking, handwritten notes, handwriting-to-text transcription - then this is your product. I paid full price ($550) for this in October and do not regret one penny. Happily sold a 1st gen iPad and a standard Galaxy Tab (10.1) after buying this. LOVE!!!

I believe you mean microSD card slot. A smart card slot would be a much different thing.

Can anyone confirm if this has 2gb of ram?