Samsung Galaxy Note 32GB 10.1 (Wi-Fi)

Yes…my mistake…

Yes - it does.

A couple of YouTube vids to see the Note in action:

Showing features of the Premium Suite tools that come with the Jelly Bean update

Student showing how she takes notes in class using this device. Browse her channel for other Note-in-Action videos


Do these come with photoshop touch pre installed?

$415 with free prime 2 day shipping at Amazon

Woot seems to have tapped us all out…woots not moving very fast…

Yes, and Polaris Office, and Peel (gives the ability to use your device as a universal remote).

Is everyone sure this is the newest generation?

Anyone have input on the pros and cons of 7" vs 10.1"?

I have a killer Asus i7 14" laptop…would this be redundant?

I would love one of these tablets, I just can’t afford it now. An amazing artist I-Wei Huang uses one and has reviewed it and has some tips & tricks on his blog.

The 7" does not have the stylus. Big difference IMO.

It will likely have Ice Cream Sandwich installed when shipped, but the (free) upgrade for Jelly Bean is out for the US now and it’s an easy (and worthwhile) upgrade. Then your tablet is as current as one in the store - more so because it is updated.

I have a laptop I love, too, but this is awesome for other reasons - note taking, reading and marking up PDF files, quick access to calendar & email. I can carry this around all day - not so with a laptop.

Different devices. Nice to round out your arsenal of technology toys. :slight_smile:

Yes… and it will work on top of your roof! You can also stand on top of your toilet and it will still work! This thing just keeps on truckin… on top of anything…

I appreciate the feedback. I am considering this versus a Google or Asus Nexus 7. The price of the smaller one and it’s extra portability seem nice, but the stylus and size of this seem awesome too.


At midnight central time…

Also…if this is the same case that shipped with it when it was up for sale earlier in February, the case is probably too small for the tablet (look at the dimensions for each, presented here). You can read through the comments from February 4 Woot. Some Wooters suggested that maybe the case was designed for the (slightly smaller) Galaxy Tab, not this Note.

I would get this…if I were in the market. Seriously, it is a awesome machine…for me I like being able to see what I type and I am older so I like the slightly bigger screen. I have a smart phone for down and dirty…but to have a computer at my fingertips…I like a 10.1 size

I believe that the Nexus 7 does not have the Micro SD slot (a Google search can likely verify). If expandable storage is important to you, that factor could be a deal breaker. This Note does have a MicroSD slot.

Mine fit… barely… had to squeeze ends of case, mold it…

and to me…who doesn’t have the microSD slot…it makes a difference. You can share your media. I can do it but it takes jumping through an extra hoop that is slightly annoying.

I am using my 10.1 note now and I love it…not a bad price paid 449.00 for a new one when BB…had it on sale…a great purchase