Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (GSM Unlocked)(New)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (GSM Unlocked)(New)

I love my Note8. I got into a … bit of a scuffle with a ne’erdowell a few nights ago who slapped it out of my hand as I started to record her ranting, it went about 15 feet and bounced off the ground, in just a cheap $10 case off Amazon, the “bumper” style with a thin back. Not a scratch or crack on the phone, a little roughed up corner on the case.

I’d like if it had more onboard storage, but it’s still a perfect phone here in the end of 2019. I don’t use the stylus as much as I thought I would, but when I do it’s insanely useful.

Is this the one with the built in fire extinguisher or is that a different model?

@pupyluvr You’re thinking of the Note 7 Fyre Edition.


This is a great price for a “New” Note 8. I just bought a “New” Note 8 on Ebay and it is more phone than anyone will need for the foreseeable future. I needed a Verizon/CDMA phone so this one wouldn’t work for me but I’d have jumped on this if it were. I still was able to snag my phone for a little less but from a seller on Ebay who I questioned it as “NEW”. I bet these phones are not factory sealed either but the one I got looks “New” and works perfectly. No need to spend$1k on the Note 10. This Note 8 has a better screen, headphone jack and same amount of RAM unless you pay more for 8 GB Ram on Note 10. Total spec war amount and not needed.

Coming from Note 4 which is arguably the best smartphone of all times, the only thing I will miss is replaceable battery. Otherwise the Note 8 is perfect replacement. The battery life is fine and gets through the day with ease. The Note 9 is a great choice as well if you want larger battery and are willing to pay more but both the 8 and 9 are “better” phones than the Note 10s in many ways when you factor in value. You will not see any “real world” differences in speed or lag. The Note 8 is running the same UI as the Note 10. So, your daily experience is the same. If you need or want a new phone and are on GSM network, this is great price.


I love my $10 TracPhone. $19.95 for 90 days. I have accumulated 1,000 minutes. I guess I’m not the target audience for this. However, my Ooma from Woot has saved me sooooo much money! And they have an app so you can access it on a tablet from any WiFi area.

Is this actually new or used unlocked? Some of the Amazon comments are sketchy.

I was about to grab one of these when I see the 30% one star reviews on the mothership (Amazon). Something seems off with these. A lot of people reporting that they are not new and / or not US models.

These are new condition. The Amazon listings are the same product but from a different vendor.

i’m with you on the target market thing…

3-4 years ago I bought a phone here for Freedompop, still have the same phone, but phone service has been sold to Ting…

These don’t seem to work with Ting at least according to the will it work link.

why is it that the “unlocked” phones are never compatible with the sprint network? just wondering

Different default 4G LTE bands used and no support for CDMA (aka 3G for Sprint & VZW).

The phone compatibility site linked to on the front page does not include the Note 8, so it’s not very useful in that regard. The closest model that it does provide that you can use for network compatibility checking would be the Galaxy S8 (specifically, the SM-G950A submodel, as this is selling a SM-N950A), which came out around the same time and is based on the same SoC.

Also, I love my Note 8 to death and highly recommend it. :wink:

I hate to ask something so dumb, but does this work on T-Mobile? Finally time to give up my Windows phone, but I love not being in contract and this deal is perfect for me, if it will work for T-Mobile. Thanks in advance!

Yes, T-Mobile uses a GSM network.

Thank you so much! Was just coming in to delete that as I found the handy guide on the front page where I should have seen it to begin with, LOL. Appreciate it!

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Love my Note 4 but…

… this is so tempting.

But I’m OLD and also… ignorant.

I’m in the United States. Will this work with AT&T ??? Help me please.

Yes it will work for AT&T. BUY IT!!! Sadly mine is CDMA, otherwise I’d be getting this deal because my screen is all sort of messed up. Just be sure to buy a microSD card if you think the storage capacity won’t be enough.

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Thank you very much tee2dajay

Order placed.
In my late 60’s… the last year of my 60’s and I’m “moving on up” into newer technology. :smiley:

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