Samsung Galaxy Note 8" 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8" 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet
Price: $169.99
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Well, I sure am glad I wasn’t stupid enough to buy the $179.99 version that sold out recently in the Computers Woot Plus tablet sale…

Samsung GT-N5110ZWSXAR Galaxy Note Product Support

Samsung GT-N5110ZWSXAR Galaxy Note User Manual

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at and

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Hi, is it unlocked? or have to have a plan?

This model is Wi-Fi only - no plan needed.

Its wifi connection.

I bought one of these new a while back. Great little tablet. I had an iPad 4 but I hated the storage limitation on it and Apple’s maddeningly inflexible everything. I gave the iPad to my daughter and got the Note. I love it!! The Note will take as many microSD 64 GB cards as you can put in it, for unlimited storage capacity. Great for movies, ebooks, or anything else. The Pen is a nice little touch.Add a To Go cable to the microUSB port and you can attach a mouse. Amazon sells a very nice Bluetooth keyboard and with the mouse and keyboard, its a small, highly portable laptop. BTW, mine just got KitKat. Downside: display is not as good as the retina display on the iPad, but definitely, still nice.One other thing: the 2 GB RAM makes its performance snappy.

**8 inch screen size **is as small as I’d go for a tablet. Just big enough to be comfortable but still compact. The multitudes of 7-inch tablets are a bit too small for my taste.

If you sketch/draw/napkin-design, the Wacom digitizer display in the “Note” models is a really nice plus due to increased pressure sensitivity.

Anyone have this tablet and found a way to watch movies on an Amazon Prime account? Thinking of getting this for my wife but she’s addicted to Amazon Prime.

The latest update to the amazon app will allow you to watch prime video.

Awesome. Thanks for the confirmation!