Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12" 4GLTE Tablet

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12" 4GLTE Tablet
Price: $349.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I have a question, I have the Samsung note 10.1 pro and I am not able to move the apps so I am wondering Can you move the apps to the sd card?

I just ordered one. Been looking around for some time. I wanted to get a used with light scratches from cowboom, with a one year warranty for $358 total (with tax), but that was the tab, and was also not LTE.
The LTE is a little less super multitasking, but is a little faster.
Though, it multitasks very well from what I hear.
With tax, shipping, and a one year square trade warranty, the LTE from woot ended up costing me about $440.
I am hoping the refurbished is scratchless, and in perfect condition, working excellently.
So, is the square trade warranty necessary on these? Whats the failure rate?
It’s funny how this tablet hasn’t depreciated at all in the last 18 months. Samsung really has the market on these. I could not find any generic 12 inch tables out there. I would have gone with a used surface tab 3 pro, with a high resolution screen for $400 or less, but it weighs 2oz more or so, and the galaxy makes a much better tablet, or so I’ve heard.
Any recommends on a cheap, but effective keyboard?

I’ve had my eye on these for months now and this is a good deal. For comparison, Woot had the non-LTE version for $400 a month ago which is also the trending price of this LTE version on eBay.

You want the LTE version, even if you don’t plan on using LTE, because it has a fast processor and better graphics engine compared to the non-LTE version. There are plenty of reviews showing how laggy the interface can be on the non-LTE version.

The answer to your question is no. KitKat 4.4 disengaged the ability to do that due to security.

I have a Tab 12.2 and can tell you that the Note 12.2 suffers from the same issues. Random reboot and worst of all flickering screen. This is due to the battery not being properly soldered to the board.It has made mine unusable. So yes the warranty is needed.

On the fence about this only because there is a very recent review on the mothership that points out that Samsung’s latest firmware update renders all non-Samsung branded Bluetooth accessories unusable. Is that really true? I have a collection of BT accessories here and would hate to be unable to use them.

Also, is there any sluggishness at all with this tablet? I have gone though so many Android tablets (Kindle Fires, Toshiba Thrive, junk no name ones, a Droid phone) and have never been able to feel that any of them were not sluggish and slow. Does this one zip like an iPad does?

Question for all the experts here .

I bought a Samsung Note 10.1 here last year . Had been trying to use 3 different kind of SD cards (including Sandisk) but none allow me to have any extra storage space.

I was able to see the SD card’s capacity on the storage but anytime I tried to add or downloaded a new app , it wouldn’t let me with the message : Not enough space .
Anyone come to the rescue ?
Thanks .

I use this case and keyboard for mine - I’ve been super happy with it:

Or be sure to buy a refurb - that’s what I did. Never had any problems with that.

I’ve not seen anything like that myself, but I haven’t installed any updates either. Can you link to the source for this?

It’s pretty fast. I’ve never double-tapped something due to wondering if it registered the touch or not like I have on other devices.

I’ve posted my thoughts on the Pro 12.2 a couple times now on here, and have finally turned it into a blog post. Here’s a link to a wall o’text if you’re interested in who should buy it and what it’s good for :slight_smile:

The apps won’t load to an external sd card, only your photos, videos, media files, documents will install there. Transfer what media you have on the Tablets internal memory to the sd card, or transfer it to a computer or cloud, then delete it from the note.Uninstall apps you don’t use especially large games. After you do that, try and download cleanmaster and run that, that will delete a bunch of log files and other useless stuff.

This is really nice summary. My question is at what battery percentage do you start getting the flicker? Does turning down the brightness resolve the flicker or just make it less obvious? What kind of battery life would you see watching only videos at about 60% brightness. Thanks

Not a factory refurb? Who did the refurb?

I’ve had a 12.2 Note Pro for over a year and a half and have not experienced a single one of the problems you mention. It’s a little laggy, and the software desperately needs updating (even the 5.0 update feels antiquated, because Samsung tries not to change the overall look of the original software a device ships with when they update). But other than those issues, it works perfectly, has stood up to the abuses of my toddler, and has a very nice screen. I don’t use the S-Pen much, but I wouldn’t want the Tab for lack of it.

My biggest gripe is that as much as I wanted the larger screen, it’s been a bit of a drawback. I pine for a 10" or even a 9.7" tablet now, and am seriously considering upgrading to the Tab A 9.7 w/ S-Pen.

So, if I don’t bother with a warranty, and it breaks, or does’nt turn on, is there always someone on ebay that will buy it for like $200-250?