Samsung Galaxy Note Tablets

Factory reconditioned… Does it come with any scratches or markings from previous owners?

There may be some blemishes or imperfections that do not affect the function of the tablet.

I bought a reconditioned brown Note 8 from woot! back in October that came with a book cover for $289. I love it, it’s fast and responsive, and the stylus has some really nifty features to it. The only blemish on mine was a scratch on the back of the book cover (which I no longer use, having replaced it with a more padded cover). The tablet itself was spotless. Highly recommend!
Check here for list of devices that have received the latest version of KitKat.

The one I got from WOOT a few weeks ago was perfect, and even came in the correct box, with the charger and USB cable. It has been a joy to use, surpassing in some ways my 4th gen iPad, which is an excellent device. I found a camera card reader that allows me to plug in both an SD card and a memory stick. The device handles photos and files very well. I also bought a 64GB card for it, and have so much storage now. It does very occasionally glitch, but a quick restart and it always is fixed. A fantastic tablet.

I own Galaxy TAB 3 8.0 and NOTE 10.1 (2014) and surprised how much more snappy the NOTE is vs TAB.

I think it’s one of those perspective things… if all you had was TAB, you’d be totally happy. The NOTE is faster and the kiddos really like drawing with stylus (and the various stylus controls – more than just a simple pointer).

I suggest that NOTE is very much worth the extra $$$ for the comparable screen size.


This past month Samsung just pushed out the update for the Note series, so even though its listed as running Jelly Bean you can update it to Kit Kat almost immediately.

Figures. I finally pull the trigger on the Note 10.1 Woot was offering three days ago, and before I even get it in the mail, the 2014 edition is on here. What a Bunch 'O Crap.

well the Memory is too small 16G,maybe i can’t cherish the 16 g

Bought one of these earlier. I think that Samsung starts the warranty countdown when they give these to Woot. Therefore, the warranty will be expired if you need service. This isn’t Woot’s fault, but it’s an uphill battle dealing with Samsung’s customer service.

Don’t forget that the Notes support expandable memory!

If I remember correctly, the 10.1s offered on the 11th were indeed 2014 editions. This is basically the same deal except it’s in a woot+ event instead of a daily woot. As far as 3 days ago… not sure…

I find the Note to be very responsive, easily the equal of my iPad4.

Mine was perfect in every way

Exactly, as I got that deal and it was the 10.1 2014 edition, with 32GB

Damn you woot, you just couldn’t stop selling these. I don’t really need one, but you just kept at it and kept at it, so I finally got a new tablet. I hope all the high praise reviews are correct.

This is the Woot I’m referring to. June 15th. I understand, that’s always a risk when buying technology, especially if you are trying to avoid paying full price… It’s just annoying when that happens.

I’m an Android noob, what are the primary differences between the 8.0 and 10.1 being offered here? Can they both be updated to Kit Kat?

Upon some googlewebzors research it appears that the 8 inch version is more difficult to take notes on, which I suppose is a big fat, “DUH”.

About the upgrade to Kit Kat…
This is an easy upgrade, right?