Samsung Galaxy Note Tent Sale Mega Event

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Samsung Galaxy Note Tent Sale Mega Event
Price: $189.99 - 389.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 02 to Tuesday, Jun 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out everything you will ever want to know about the Galaxy Note

Just bought a Note 12.2 and it is an amazing piece of equipment. I keep finding random things I can do with it. I’m thinking about taking it back and getting a 10.1 from here as the 12.2 is proving just a little too large for my use case.

Did all the 10.1’s sell out in an hour?

Looks like the 8’s sold out I just bought a 10.1 (Yeah I pulled the trigger)

In other news a gently used 12.2 will be available at a Best Buy near me in the near future.

I bought a black 16GB 10.1" 2014 Edition (the 32’s were sold out by the time I decided) here at the beginning of April. I love it SOOOO much. It’s really fast, and the resolution compared to my old tablet is just AMAZING. I love to draw, so the Note with the stylus is exactly what I needed.

Finally! An APO friendly Note 10.1 sale!!! Thanks Woot!
Now, does anybody know if these refrurbished Note 10.1s still come with the $500 worth of perks?

I got them with mine. The ONLY one I cared about and actually used was the $25 Play Store credit. But they were there for me.

I got the brown 8.0 here, not long ago. For me, the real boon was the extra 50 GB on dropbox for two years - wheeee!

I have been thoroughly impressed. This little gadget has been getting pretty heavy use since its purchase – drawing, note-taking, calculations, games, email, etc. – and has been running quick and smooth, consistently. Like the earlier poster, I keep finding new things it can do, and new ways its useful. Even the built-in camera is surprisingly good. Definitely a purchase I’d make again, (especially now that the price has dropped another $10).

I got 50GB lifetime from Box when I bought my firesale HP Touchpad a couple years ago. THAT was awesome. So I don’t use any of the time-limited stuff.

I know that analog clock faces are always set to 10:10 in advertisements, but I’m not clear on this 12:45 thing. Purely from an aesthetic standpoint, I would think that 12:34 would be preferable, because it has four numerals in sequence. If you wanted to show the “best” or “happiest” time, I think that would be something like 5:15 pm.

It’s the first quarter hour before you have to choose between 1300 and 1:00. 12:34 comes off as a disingenuous fake time. 11 o’clock and 10 o’clock don’t show off as many numerals. Everything before 10 has the same problem as after 12, choosing between 0900 and 9:00 am

My boss got the 8", and I’m always having to help her with it. My god, what Samsung has done to the OS and Settings. Compared to my Nexus 7, it’s a convoluted mess.

Where are the tents? I was told there would be tents.

Is it better than my HP Touchpad, the king of tablets?

Bought the 10.1 32GB (Gray) in Sept. 2012. Use it daily and it’s still going strong. Best part (for me) is ditching all of my legal pads and having all of my handwritten notes in one place. Learned a lot of note-taking tips from this gal - a student who filmed and narrated several videos about her note-taking practices.

Take notes with your Note

Love how I can load up movies on a microSD card and have long-trip entertainment.

Only weakness, from my perspective, is that it’s not easy to see out in daylight.

Does it come pre-loaded with Polaris Office?

Does anyone know if these will be eligible for updating to KitKat?

Also, it seems to me unclear about these models. Are these the 2014 models or are these the previous models?

Wow! A glut of tablets everywhere! Does this have anything to do with pretty good Windows 8.1 tablets hitting the shelves?

I’ve got an iPad2 and a nice Samsung, but the Acer tablet I got here let’s me run some Windows programs I use often.

Just wondering.