Samsung Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition (Unlocked)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition (Unlocked)

Is this thing usable with Verizon?

Unlocked means any carrier.

BUT, it doesn’t mean it will work on EVERY band said carrier offers. It’s best to run the model number at this site, I just got a UleFone Armor 3 that is unlocked and the international version. It works on the majority of the bands for T-Mobile and only a few CDMA bands. Not that it WONT work, it’s just you might be somewhere expecting fast LTE speeds and then you see you are on 3G because the band used in that market isn’t on your phone.

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Willmyphonework is only of limited utility. They do not have this version of the Note 8, and it doesn’t even have my current phone. (LG G6).

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Ok, well, there’s more then one way (ie., source) to check. There’s this:


Little more complicated to look through but very good to cover what bands are in what countries

Surprising your phone didn’t show up since it’s not a “newer” phone. Nor is what woot is offering either. Released in 2017. Support life ends mid 2020 at best. I just retired my Samsung S7 edge (TMUS). It seemed to have turned into a battery hog and in my line of work, I need a longer battery life. I had a couple of snap on battery packs, zero-lemon and a samsung wireless battery case but it also seem to slower then it use to be. Replaced it with a Ulefone Armor 3. I also wanted some that was REALLY waterproof and had a long battery life. A little heavy for most but I work with someone who as a note (big screen) and he complained it was “too heavy” (but failed to see the comparison of his phone not fitting in his shirt pocket LOL). It’s a international version and has MOST bands except the new 600mhz that TMO uses and it’s not 5G. But I’m not going to b1tch about it since it’s a sub $300 phone. I’ve only had the phone for about 3 weeks now and so far, it’s outperformed (both performance and battery life) my S7. The camera, not so. Takes great pictures but the S7 still has one of the best cameras out there. Not a photographer so it wasn’t a selling a deal killer.

Hope you find out if it will work for you. It seems like a good deal to me but not the tool I need.

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