Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Is this a single or dual sim phone? Thanks.

Hello. Single SIM. We call out dual SIM phones when we list them.

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure. The specs say one or the other.

Gotcha. Copy/Paste specs. :\

Will it work on Sprint??

Technically, it should but Sprint is an odd one. You might confirm with them first.

So it is completely unlocked to work on all networks in the USA ?

Per the features:

Note: These phones are fully unlocked to work with all GSM & CDMA networks.

Thanks :+1:

Does it work with Google-Fi Services?
It is Single SIM only?

Hi there. Single SIM. I don’t have info on Google Fi.

Are the screens original and does it have scratches?

Most likely and they may have some scratches but none that affect use.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9, will that work with Verizon. I need to know because if not I will have to return it. Please advise.