Samsung Galaxy S 8GB 5” Wi-Fi

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Samsung Galaxy S 8GB 5" Wi-Fi
$169.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Anybody know what the processor on this bad-boy is? Single/dual-core? Thanks!

It comes with 2.2, but I can upgrade to 3.0, right?

Also, does it do GPS?

What about an ebook app?

Specs & Pix

so is this a phone or more like a ipod touch?

Would you get this, or the iPad Touch?


1GHz S5P-C111 processor (single core)

Main product page

3.0 is only on tablets

My Droid X has a 4.3" screen. I just can’t see the value in something with such a small screen that is not a telephone.

Brilliant! but is it as good as the 7" and you can euro-hack it to take phone calls?

I’m 99.9% sure these will be rootable to install cyanogen or another android os version as per the recent gtablet. honeycom may not e worth it on a small thing like this

Thinking about getting this or one of the cheap tablets on ebay that are about $150. Any ideas people?

This is NOT a phone. It’s referred to as a “media player.”

Size-wise, looks like it’s between an iPod Touch and an iPad. The only charm it has for me is playing Flash. Looks cool if you want that kind of thing.

Think of this as a 5 inch tablet. It’s not a phone…though you could certainly use Skype over WiFi to place calls.

What is this thing? A phone without the phone?

I’m pretty sure it’s samsungs single core 1ghz hummingbird processor, but I’m not sure, as I didn’t think this would ever be available in the U.S.

Single core processor:

Samsung used to be hard to root, what about this? Would like to try to use this as VOIP replacement for cellphone.