Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ (New, Open Box)(Open Box)

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ (New, Open Box)(Open Box)

Can this be unlocked?

Per the description:

Carrier: AT&T

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Even if they unlock it unless you’re on at&t network you will not get the software updates.

Upon research, all other firmwares are compatible. So i should be able to flash the factory unlocked firmware and use it?

Although you can always buy a $25 prepaid AT&t card and it will update.

I use AT&t prepaid so it’s a moot point for me anyways. But I purchased an AT&t LG V60 before I was on AT&t. And I worked around that but I just buying a month plan and use that sim. And it got me up to date with the updates.

I also think some other carriers that use AT&t towers will provide you the update. Possibly even the $15 mint mobile card but double check me on that before you buy anything.

Mint uses TMobile towers.

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Thanks. I might have been thinking about Straight Talk