Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ (New, Open Box) (Your Choice)

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ (New, Open Box) (Your Choice)

Anyone have any luck getting one of these updated to Android 10? I’ve been trying for months now with no luck. Tried the Samsung smartswitch app, putting a SIM card in, wiping the cache partition. Nothing. Just says there’s no update each time.

Found this info

They’re trying to get to 10, not 11.

Dammit. It mentioned 10.

Found this.

Maybe a firmware update is needed?

Thanks, however that’s for Android 11. Android 10 has been available on the Galaxy S10 and + since December 2019! The device ships with Android 9 and it just won’t update.

Looks like my only choice is to take it into a Samsung repair shop to have them flash it (from reading the AT&T forums). So I guess it’ll sit for another 6 months, then! :slightly_frowning_face: