Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ (Your Choice)

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ (Your Choice)

Ugh no T-Mobile? Why…?

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opinion based on personal experience

Because they suck

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It says in the description it will work on T-Mobile

But it asks you to pick a carrier in the selection menu.

Sorry for the confusion. We’ve removed the paragraph from the features. This is only AT&T or Verizon as seen in the dropdown selection.

Good afternoon, I have just started looking for a new smartphone. I have used Samsung products for years and thinking about upgrading to the S10.
While looking on Amazon and Google Shopping Woot popped up. They say you have an unlocked S10 that will work for any carrier, I currently have Straight talk with Verizon as the carrier, but I can’t select it as an option, is that because its no longer an option?

Hi there. There are some Verizon ones remaining. Try selecting Verizon first. That will show the options where that model is available.

I have a cricket sim card which runs on AT&T network. will this work with Cricket?

Hi there. Best to check with Cricket directly.

How would I get it to work on T-Mobile?

The AT&T version “should” work on T-Mobile but please check with them first to make sure.

T-Mobile uses wonky bandwiths half of the time, therefore a unlocked AT&T phone will only work in half the areas (double meaning).

Yeah, that why I quoted “should”. Verizon & T-Mobile can be wonky.

Never purchased anything from woot besides this item… Is this legit? Do i need to cancel?

We’re legit. We’ve been around since 2004 and gobbled up by Amazon in 2010.

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Since they are new, do they have the Samsung warranty?

Hi. We list the warranty at the bottom of the features. this has

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Warranty

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This phone is absolutely a brand new legit Samsung S10+ (my version) phone. Mine was still sealed in the box with the factory stickers. The one I bought was carrier locked to AT&T, but my Cricket ( is AT&T) sim worked fine. The phone wanted a crap ton of updates, so be prepared for that. It was over 4gb for the upgrade to Droid 10 alone. I used the AT&T website to request an unlock code, and they sent me one in a day. So my carrier locked phone is now fully unlocked. No fuss, no muss, and super easy. I am highly pleased so far.