Samsung Galaxy S10+ Single SIM (GSM Only)(Scratch & Dent)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Single SIM (GSM Only)(Scratch & Dent)

I had the S7 edge on Sprint then TMobile. The phone was ok but nothing to knock your socks off. Took nice pictures and enjoying having the virtual folder/vault . But as time went on, and just like all smart phones, the battery couldn’t keep it up and running past 15hrs of normal use. If I didn’t use it at all, it would still burn 70% of the battery in a 12 hour period and the ONLY thing I had going was push notifications for my email app, and weather bug updating every hour. IMO, the battery life for an expensive phone was just unexceptionable. Both boys have the Samsung 9 and they are happy with them except the battery life is starting to dwindle faster and faster.

That’s the reality of Li-Ion batteries. 2-3 years expected life before capacity begins to seriously diminish. And a “new” battery that may have been on the shelf just as long will have the same problems. I doubt phone manufacturers are too keen on investing money in research to fix this issue since bad batteries keep people buying new phones. The REAL reason phones no longer have easily replaceable batteries.

How much of Scratch and dent are there? Are they visible?

As noted in the sale (below). Otherwise, it’s impossible question to answer since it will vary unit to unit.

These items are expected to have a moderate level of wear & tear including (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and dings. Outside of their physical appearance, they have been tested to be in full working condition.

Is this an UNLOCKED phone for worldwide GSM use??? or is it only for use here in the States? Thanks!

That phone website said it only works on Verizon 4G, not 3G though? That’s confusing. Is it safe to assume that this phone is not a good choice for Verizon?

Verizon in the US is CDMA, not GSM if I remember correctly.



Uhh, locked vs unlocked is a kind’a important thing to know.

It’s unlocked for GSM.

Thanx. Some of us REALLY don’t know much about the new phones & systems.

Does that mean it will work on ANY GSM carrier without their ok?

Well, you have a SIM and a plan with them so not really.

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If I put the SIM card from my S6+ in it is it going to be a functional phone?

If it’s a SIM tied to an active plan, then yes it should work. You may need to change the APN settings to your carrier.

The best way to do this would be to take the phone to your carrier store and have them swap your SIM and make sure your phone is properly set up for their network. This phone is unlocked for any GSM network, but there are sometimes some fiddly bits about moving a phone from network to network, so it’s best to have a pro do it. This service should be free.

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Can someone confirm if this really runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU as noted in the specs on Woot?

If the model number is correct on the Woot page (which is a SM-G975F), then this does not run a Snapdragon; it runs a Exynos CPU:

Thanx. My only major concern was that I might buy it and then find that AT&T wouldn’t work on it.

From our buyer:

GSM is the same worldwide, so a phone that works on GSM in the US will also work on GSM in other countries. That said, they would have to activate international service on their US plan to avoid roaming charges or activate it with a foreign company. But yes, they will work outside the US.