Samsung Galaxy S10+ Single SIM (GSM Only)(Scratch & Dent)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Single SIM (GSM Only)(Scratch & Dent)

G975F, looks like this is the global version.

Is this a bad thing or good thing? How good a deal is this, exactly?

OK the spec are a bit confusing. It list:

“SIM Single SIM (Nano-SIM)”
MEMORY Card slot microSD, up to 1 TB (uses shared SIM slot) - dual SIM model only”

Since this is the single SIM, does that mean it does NOT support a microSD for expanded memory?

The single sim means it only has one sim and one microsd
The double sim means both slots can be used for a sim card. Of course you wouldn’t have an SD card available if you used the second slot for sim.

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The global version is an Exynos CPU instead of a Snapdragon. Performance wise Snapdragon is better than Exynos.

Correct me if wrong but this model is not looking promising:

I would have to agree, unless you don’t care about cellular data speed whatsoever, I wouldn’t buy this phone. Wont even work in many other countries.

I don’t think that site has correct info. The more recent Samsung Galaxy S phones cover all the LTE bands. Check the Samsung product specs on the US and global sites. All the listed supported frequencies are the same. The exceptions would be Verizon and Sprint of course.

Either way, I’m reluctant to buy a S&D phone. The feedback here has been consistently mediocre to bad when it comes to these things. Not sure how much testing is performed on these phones prior to resale, but I would imagine it’s nothing more than checking to see if it powers up. :man_shrugging:

Not every country uses the same band for LTE. Europe, China for example uses different bands for LTE speeds and so USA does different as well, even different carriers in same country uses different bands. Different bands, different frequencies and so on.

Global models intended to cover certain bands that are mutual globally, but that doesn’t mean it supports LTE globally. Definitely check your Carrier lte band and make sure it’s mentioned in the specs of the device model.

That’s why most US devices have most American carrier bands, but not all global bands. And most global devices have some Europe and most asian carrier bands but not Canada and US. It’s a deep and whole lot different level if you don’t have any knowledge or experience about this freaking signaling and frequency logic.

Not the best thing where you can pay similar prices for US version, which has better specs and for sure have all the US bands included.