Samsung Galaxy S10 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Your Choice) (S&D)

What does “your choice” mean?

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Scratch and dent department meaning these are damaged products with scratches and or dents right? Any idea how bad these imperfections are?

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As it says, assume it will be substantial. Otherwise you might be disappointed when it shows up. That way if it shows up looking good, you’ll be happier.

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Is this the one that catches fire?
I want that one

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I bought one a couple weeks ago when they were just called refurbished at the same price. I haven’t activated it yet but I just noticed something I need to find out about. The front screen is perfect, but on the rear facing camera, the plastic has an all the way through crack. I thought it was just a scratch when I first saw it.
It won’t let me use or check the impact of the crack on the camera until I activate it, so I’m off to customer service.

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Not this one

That’s the Note 7. They did re-release it as a fan edition later that year. You might be able to find that version somewhere on YouTube or something. But the official Note 7 was discontinued recalled, and it’s illegal to bring to an airport!

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I would love to see a scratch and dent Note 9. Or maybe even an S10e. Those both have headphone jacks, expandable storage And of course dex (The primary reason I would buy an old Samsung device). The S10 still should still be plenty powerful. And 855 processor and all…

“Scratch and dent” is normally used in retail to describe items that have been on display or handled but not been sold to an actual consumer.

These “Scratch and Dent” phones are Used. I’m guessing that these were term contracts or consumer trade-ins. They are “tested” but are not refurbished in any traditional use of the term (that’s hella tricky to do without ruining the watertight seal). Don’t trust “refurbishment” of a phone by anybody but the manufacturer or manufacturer authorized refurbisher (example: Joy Inc. is an authorized Dell refurbisher, so the Joy Inc refurbs here on Woot can be trusted, and Joy warrantees them).

You can generally do way better on eBay, get a money back guarantee, see the actual model number before you buy (to ensure full compatibility with your desired network), desired color, etc.

Don’t accept anything with any glass cracks whatsoever (including camera lenses), as that will throttle any trade-in value forever.

Pro tip: dial * # 0 * # to see the internal diagnostic suites.


S10 also has a headphone jack.

I just bought one of these for my wife from the mothership for only a few dollars more under their “renewed” program. Actually I bought 3, the first two were unacceptable by their own quality standards, the third one was the charm and looked like brand new. Returning the other two was painless.


Yeah it seems to be a lottery ticket to some degree. One person reported getting two of them in near-perfect condition with 97% battery or something. And others won’t hold a charge… but you can always gauge the value once it arrives and return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations

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Oh nice good to know. I know the S10 generation of Samsung products is a little confusing because some of them had headphone jacks and others didn’t. I’m not sure about the S10 plus but I know the note 10s did not have a headphone jack.

I know the S10e he has a capacitive fingerprint sensor and I think a lot of the other ones have in display. Does your S10 have an in display fingerprint reader?

You can’t test the camera using Wi-Fi?

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I’m curious did you by 3 just to increase the odds of getting a serviceable device? I’m starting to think that could be a decent approach. If you can stomach the cash flow consequences

Is this phone 5G ready?

Yes, it does. (It doesn’t work well with a LifeProof FRE case. I know because I am replying on my S10 in a LifeProof FRE case.)

No, I don’t believe so.

No this uses the Snapdragon 855 processor which is before 5g buy one generation. It’s pretty efficient in terms of power though without having 5G or a high refresh rate